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Timetable - A "People-Oriented" Social Office Complex in Nansha

From cubicles to partitioned workstations to open spaces, the office layout format keeps changing.
To meet the growing entrepreneurial needs of the 1990s and 2000s and following the "people-oriented" design concept, Timetable Design creates a social place for multiple work styles in Nansha, which realizes a multi-functional ecologic scene integrating co-working, library, coffee, and simple dining. It breaks the traditional single layout to upgrade it into a creative, fully interactive, and open social complex that meets the one-stop experience of working, living, commercial, and consumption needs.

Layout·An undefined space

With a design principle from the user’s perspective, the design team uses visualized layout, flexible circulation, and pure colors to connect the entire space from the inside to the outside, from top to bottom, sequencing five functional areas as the reception desk, coffee dining, road show hall, library and co-working, thus making full use of the space, thereby improving efficiency and satisfaction.
The ground floor is mainly served as social spaces such as a coffee bar, an open kitchen, and a library, so reasonable circulation in structure is the main concern. Dark brown wood is adopted in the library to create a quiet reading atmosphere. The open kitchen is connected to the coffee bar, with a changing scenery every step of the way, creating a dynamic and connected visual effect.
The second and third floors are mainly co-working spaces. The boundary between working and leisure is weakened in such a space without partition, so as to relieve work stress, and the application of glass materials improves transparency and enhances the comfortable experience of the office.
Vertically, the spiral staircase based on the golden rectangle of the Fibonacci sequence showcases the ingenuity of the design team. Matched with black steel frame welding and large flower patterned white marble, the craftsmanship and aesthetics become the essence of the entire layout.

Decoration·Natural and unrestricted

"People-orientation, comfort and content" is the design purpose, as well as the core element of the customized furnishings in the space.
The minimalist earth color scheme makes the space open and unblocked, bright and transparent. The wabi-sabi style also avoids redundant decorations, reduces complexity, and focuses on a suitable scale between people and space.
Comfortable furniture with simple shapes is used to meet different needs, either formal or casual.
Sofas with elegant arcs, meticulous details, and different geometric shapes are transformed into unforgettable landscapes in the space, which is free and unrestrained like mountains and waters, neutralizing the tension and dullness at work.
The nap pod is a humanized design of Timetable, which fully takes into account the rest of the workers. The bunk bed design saves space and creates a warm and quiet experience.

Texture· A breathing space

There is no doubt that being in nature is relaxing, and Timetable has its own breathing laws.
A large area of wood and marble turns the space into a natural place, where a relaxed, simple, and pure atmosphere can be seen everywhere.
The combination of different materials such as wood, cement, marble, glass, and metal presents the beauty of modern design lines on a natural palette. The contrast of softness and rigidness enriches the space texture and makes the space more harmonious. Such an inclusive and welcoming workplace is consistent with Timetable’s intention of focusing on user experience.
Adhered to the concept of "Less is More", the aesthetics of white space can be seen everywhere, allowing the space to have room to "breath", thus, people will feel comfortable in this breathing space, and vitality will follow then.
The commercial and office complex of Timetable in Nansha is a bold exploration of how to maximize the value of space through modern design methods, a people-oriented concept, and multiple functions. It has naturally integrated these diversified elements to present a new look of a future open commercial space.


Timetable Design is a design brand under Guangzhou Nian Lun Design Institute Co., Ltd. We focus on comprehensive commercial space design and urban old building renovation, business covers new consumption commercial space design, urban old renovation design, customized home design and other sectors. The design team is composed of a group of post-90s young people with rich professional design experience. Through continuous exploration of the relationship between people and space, the multi-thinking extension of the divergent design concept, the integration of architectural materials and the characteristics of local culture, we realize the co-construction of the quality life of contemporary young people and the aesthetics of space, and create a city’s name card.