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The moods and sorrows of nature affect the attitude of architecture They print different colors on the building Different shapes and shadows At the same time, it is drawing the emotions of us and nature This is the magic power we have been feeling ——YIZI In May 2021, it is the most comfortable weather in the south of the Yangtze River. I stand in front of this dilapidated building by the Taihu Lake. Its interior is bound by regular square boxes. It grows on the mountain. Bare maroon stones try to grow out of the building, close the holes torn from the roof, and a ray of light hits the dark corridor. Walking outside, the strong light outside the window suddenly shines on the wall and ground that were half done, and the focus is relieved. Outside the window is the calm lake, which is calm and blue today. In the next year or so, I will be at the lake to experience the various states of buildings in nature at different times and throughout the year. It is the building closest to the Taihu Lake on the road around the lake, without any shelter. It is named "Lake and". The lake and people, the lake and buildings, and the lake and everything else are also like islands of the soul, feeling the best time and scenery given by nature.

Designer: Yi Zhang

My name is Zhang Yi, and everyone calls me Yizi. I have been in the design industry for more than ten years, and I love the design industry. I want to be such a person. What I always do is to focus on the design itself. I have been to many cities, heard many stories, experienced cold and warm feelings, and felt the most sincere smile. I have always been a person who loves life. Engaging in interior design brings me too much happiness. It is not only simple to design a good space to complete the landing. Every time I contact with one Party A, I can always learn a lot from them, learn how to give, know how to be grateful, experience different lifestyles, listen to their talk about interesting things in work and life, accept imperfections in life, etc. These are the reasons why I meet low ebbs in my work to support me, the source of enthusiasm for design, and design comes from life, Feedback in life. We have always been standing on the shoulders of the masters to learn design. I hope that one day when I become the master, I can also give a pair of shoulders to younger designers to pass on.