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Hutong Banquet
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Project Name: Hutong Banquet
Project location: Beijing, China
Completion time: 2023
The human fireworks in the vestibule and backyard
"Four Seasons in the Courtyard, Beijing Memories"
The Hutong Banquet Beijing cuisine brand has been rooted in the industry for more than ten years. The high-quality Beijing cuisine is a specialty, inheriting and promoting traditional Beijing cuisine culture, also keeping pace with the times, innovating and developing. The restaurant is located in Beijing with an area of 5000 square meters, and the overall space is divided into three parts: scattered tables, private rooms, and banquets.
The spatial design combines the overall architectural characteristics with the memory of Beijing's Beijing style culture. The space is more suitable with the lifestyle of contemporary young people,and it is fashionable, atmospheric and modern which give people comfortable and warm feeling. Tasting delicious food is not only about savoring beautiful scenery, but also about enjoying the pleasure of eating in a comfortable environment. It can provide ample rest and relieve stress during the dining process.
The fusion of color and material in the scattered area, as well as the combination of virtual and real hollow partitions in the space achieve a hidden, concealed, exposed, and transparent environment, which is both outward and inward. Rammed earth enriches the texture of the space, while organic glass and water textured stainless steel enhance the transparency and modernity of the space. The calm Chinese red and textured metallic color complement the overall color scheme of the space. The unity, contrast, harmony, and movement between textures are integrated into every detail.
The courtyard offers a view of one room and one family, with a view of small bridges and flowing water throughout the four seasons. It is scaled down to a certain scale and placed in a certain space, with strange and rugged postures and textures, or clustered in pairs or small, or staggered in height or thickness, which forming a beautiful "miniature landscape". The sound of flowing water and smoke swirls, blending a thousand natural freehand brushwork into the delicate details of the city, creating a space full of fun.
The private room adopts a transparent technique, where you can see the landscape and flowing water of the courtyard in the room. Decorated with ancient calligraphy and painting:Drinking water and eating also drinking with each other.The hall is filled with colorful afterglow, similar to the endless flavor of human emotions in the smoke and fire.
The unforgettable memories of Beijing and the endless human fireworks.

Designer:Zhang Ling

Zhang Ling is the founder of Bordeaux Hotel Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd.She is an international registered senior designer and hotel and catering investment consultant at ICDA. She has nearly 12 years of experience in brand strategy design.
She has engaged in catering space design for 14 years, specializing in catering brand planning, space design, visual design, advertising creativity and other related work; She assists major enterprises in brand planning,image building, packaging series planning and space design. She has unique insights into the spatial design and brand packaging of catering. I hope to provide more creative and accurately positioned designs.
Won the "Golden Hall Award" for Excellent Catering Space Design in China Designer in 2011. Won the "Best Restaurant Design Institution Gold Diamond Award" in 2012. Received the Excellent Award in Catering Architecture at the Cross Strait Interior Design Competition in 2015. Gold award in the 2020-2021 Huading Award International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition.