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Less and less communication between people in modern society is causing the apathy social relationship gradually. When walking on the street, people don’t greet each other warmly, which forms interpersonal relationship like chilly winter. The Free Hug launched by Juan Mann in 2004 is an attempt to break the apathy social relationship. With the inspiration of the activity, I design a series of scarves in hands shape, which can bring warmth to the people. I apply the cold tune of icy snow color onto the scarf and choose the fabric material of snow feeling in vision, but giving people warm touch. When wearing the scarf with hands shape in different size, you will feel like being embraced by a lot of people. Do hope this group of works could break the apathy interpersonal relationship, shorten the distance between people and bring warmth to everyone just like the Free Hug Activity.


Art, jewelry, furniture, decorative lamps and bags designer. China Europe International Design Association Membership. Graduated from: Art painting major of the Affiliated Middle School of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts HONGIK UNIVERSITY, South Korea, metal form design major Award experience: WAD World Young Designers Conference 2019 Outstanding Designers, WAD World Young Designers Conference 2019 Person of the Year, 2020 China Design Brand List · Excellent Whole case product design works, Ingenuity Design Award of Shanghai International Design Week (2021-2022 Shortlist), Shanghai International Design Week Women's Contemporary Design Award (2021-2022 finalist Award), Guangzhou Design Week 2022HDA She Design Award · Best Fashion work, 2022FDC DESIGNER AWRD Most Influential Cover Designer of the year, 2023 Muse Design Awards Gold Medal, Best Smile Award at the 4th Miss World Fashion Travel Finals, Best Body Award in the Finals of Miss International Fashion Tourism China 2018.
Many times invited Sina, NetEase, China Net, China Net, and other official media reporting.