Huanhu Peninsula Compound
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Embracing the lake, thousands of weather, embellish the elegance"
Jiangnan Lake is full of beautiful scenery. Combined with the unique geographical advantages, the double-decked peninsula around the lake, with a high-level landscape system and accumulated cultural heritage, enjoys the vast expanse of smoke and waves, monopolizes the clear light, enjoys a comfortable view, and enjoys a leisurely and quiet private life in the bustling city.

The pursuit of a higher quality and more elegant life is the life attitude led by the upgrading and evolution of the living environment. According to the needs of the owners who are urban elites, designers build and polish personalized spaces that are tasteful, elegant and simple, and comfortable to live in, which endows the living guests with a sense of ease and advanced. From the structure to the details, it runs through the space tolerance and spiritual self-cultivation, so that the residents can fully experience the pleasure and surprise of the new life.

Agency: Bk Blue Knight Design

Create the value of design and achieve the beauty of life. Bk creates design value through innovation, and achieves core competitiveness by implementing system standardization process. In 2013, the founder came to Suzhou from Beijing, established bk blue rider Design Office, and settled in Ligong Dam, Suzhou's most cultural and creative block, focusing on the design sector. Decades of industry precipitation have enabled bk to win many affirmations and awards, such as GPDP AWAD, IAI Global Design Award, London Real Estate Annual Architectural Space Award, GRP Design Gold Finger Award, Apdc Space Magician and Bauhaus.