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Huabanli homestay
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The project is located in Yundingshui Township Tourism Resort, Pujiang County, Sichuan Province, China. Relying on the rich ecological, cultural, agricultural and other resource advantages of Pujiang, the tourist area strives to build a full-age mountain and lake art tourism resort for the integration and development of the agricultural tourism industry. The design project is an independent homestay building, and the whole building is an unconventional Taiji type, with a total of 9 rooms. The designer deeply explores the local culture, integrates into the oriental artistic conception, and wants to tell a good Chinese story in design language. The whole work is an experiential expression of nature and living. The narrative method of the design is very oriental philosophical thinking, which magnificently tells the beauty of China's seclusion, but directly and accurately expresses the way of getting along with nature. The size of the work is not large, with only 9 rooms, but none of the same building plane. From the narrowest 2 meters interface to the widest 6 meters interface, it is a large curved space, which is a very rare architectural block. Here, the designer's focus does not focus on the label definition of "homestay = hotel", and pays more attention to each The landscape orientation, landscape enjoyment and living experience of the room means that the paradigm and standard concept of homestay cannot be established here, and the designer's solution presents typical oriental thinking. Take advantage of the situation and be born naturally, just like Taiji. For this reason, the design first finds the expression of building according to the mountains and living according to the scenery for each space, with static braking and softening. The cultural attribute of the homestay is benefiting from Pujiang's product "Pucao". In the famous narrative poem "Peacock Flying Southeast", there is: "You should be like a rock, and your wife should be like a reed. The reed is as strong as silk, and the rock is not transferred. Pucao weaving technology, which originated from two years of development, has also been transformed into a grass and a tree in the space through the hands of designers. The designer linked with Pucao artists to make screen installations on the spot, which will hide the localized content in the space and become an experience and fun of exploration in the living.

Agency:YU FEI/WCD.Wanchen Design

WCD. Since its establishment, Wanchen Design has covered hotels, real estate, commerce, office, housing and other fields. Over the years, it has always adhered to people-oriented, unique and innovative design thinking, and constantly explored the balance between aesthetics and space, hoping to present a unique contemporary design. Its works are consistently conveyed: "Make a warm design. People.