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There is only one kind of heroism, and that is to love life after knowing the truth of life -- Roman, Laure
because of the introduction of old customers, a life-loving sister and gentleman, the son soon lived in the family to study abroad, Grandpa came to stay occasionally, the family modest and courteous, what we see here is a very harmonious family home owner who likes the contemporary style, exquisite craftsmanship details, and some more warm living scenes, i hope we can create a new life scene which is more suitable for our identity
the most important thing for the designer is to provide a comfortable line of motion and the rest is left for the occupants to fill in after the entry, the numerous complex wall into the home to retreat without using a large area of wall to cut off the space of a virtual partition, let the space be separated and can be integrated into one of the original guest dining room natural division of each space independent sufficient natural light projection into let the whole space transparent

when building the meeting room, break away from the luxurious frame, not limited by the structural frame idea designer rearranges the fitting relation of the three-dimensional interface to break the original rule, establish the space level through the simple atmosphere layout sublimation of the artistic sense of beauty and the owner of the house to communicate details, choose the appropriate style to strengthen, furniture and works of art in the home scene with the interaction between people and add light to the life of art scene into the living scene of furniture and objects on display to increase the space of the spirit of art
The Three Meals a Day-
semi-open kitchen opens up not only the space but also increases the interaction of the space while allowing the kitchen functions to complement each other effectively, permeating the high-end wine cabinet, in the restaurant, the quality of life of the owners is reflected in a large solid-color shop with transparent toughened glass doors and a hidden, controlled lighting system that looks noble and mysterious, like the aroma of whisky wrapped around the taste buds that haven't been baked here for a long time, dinner and visitors are good choices
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yueyue-three Yangkai winter to spring, yin yang long auspicious elephant perfectly suited to the owner of the family's home atmosphere of the painting here is usually accompanied by work in the ocean cargo hold a book, . I looked at it for a while. .
the bedroom to take quiet, as far as the beginning is not disturbing color warm light elegant color collocation let a person can calm down in the space.
design I think is to make people comfortable living in a space, we want to, the right materials, outdoor landscape, to simplify the design of life, to the must exist, living supplies these how to clean up neat, combined with the use of residents habits and feelings, to reflect the quality of each private home on its own color choice of gray because it is a neutral color, outstanding character for soft, careful, stable, simple, generous. Slightly color-sensitive material to give a person with“Elegant, delicate, subtle, stable, delicate, civilized and cultured high-grade feeling.”


Henan province Light Industry College 2008
Mount Lu Xihai Academy of Fine Arts
2010 studying in Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts Institute of Interior Design
Years of employment:2009 to date