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Hangzhou Zulan supermarket fine decoration design
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Space Design Ideas and Materials:
"Ultra" (tide) level player.
Create different scenes in the space, and use the ideas of super players to do the circulation design of the supermarket.
Story Roadmap:
Take the time spaceship (theme check-in area) to the Wine and Beverage Museum (display in the form of a bar in the wine area) - red wine installation and combined space display, from red wine and fruit wine culture to drinks, further understand the liquor culture, morning economy and night economy integration Immerse yourself in the wine and beverage museum and unconsciously cross the time island (combined with the wall can be used as a block display) to arrive at the food concentration camp (fresh pre-products) Joy life, enjoy fresh taste of food from all over the world, let's relive the fun of catching up with the market (rice, flour, grain and oil market) The display form of the market, to the Snack Kingdom (Office Snacks/Leisure Snacks/Camping Snacks).
Buy some picnic tools, it seems that the chef is in charge, but in fact, the spoon is in charge of the kitchen (kitchenware display area), let's go camping together, on the way to camping, I thought of buying some nutritional health products with my friends, first buy some nutritional health products, stay up the most ruthless night in advance, and raise the most expensive raw (nutritional and health products) at night, and go to the camping assembly place, everyone drinks and talks freely.
Innovative life, go and see the ubiquitous digital home appliances anytime, anywhere.
After charging, the next round of game strategy begins: I can not go out, but Wang can't Take our Wang to choose the supplies he likes. (Pet-friendly space).
There is a beauty collection place here, When opening the beauty and pleasing yourself, every woman feels that there is always one less piece of jewelry on her body (jewelry play) After reading the jewelry, look at how everyone is an artist (home department store), everything here is satisfactory to you (bags) and then choose some non-child supplies for the baby (mother and baby area).
Player Quest Sticker:
Player main line: Play Zulan Supermarket to find non-child Xiaoke, you are satisfied.
Side line: Post the most hilarious photos and scan your favorite code.

Agency:Beijing Yanmu space design Co., LTD