Haipu Yaju
Designer / Agency
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'Home' is a harbor, a post station, and a lifelong refuge for people The owner of this case lives in Shanghai and is engaged in a clothing business. The male owner is also very fashionable. They pay great attention to some details in the process of creating this "home", and they don't often live in it. Therefore, the overall decoration of this home wants to be simpler and more relaxed. Therefore, we have determined that the style of his home is modern because modern style not only pursues fashion and trend, but also emphasizes functionality and comfort The closure and details of each craft, as well as the selection and placement of each sketch, can all affect the residents' perception of beauty. The overall design of this case adopts black and white elements as the main tone of the space. We use French flowing gold gray for the ground decoration of the public area, with patterns that not only look fashionable and high-end, but also make the entire space agile and not monotonous. The color scheme is made of smoked oak, slate, and art paint, with artistic decorations added to create a low-key, comfortable, fashionable and warm space, and a sense of belonging arises naturally. As designers, we We should always consider ourselves as residents, not only to create a comfortable and elegant living space for our clients, but also to provide them with a sense of stability in the space, and provide them with spiritual satisfaction and sustenance. This is something we designers should persist in doing for a long time.

Designer:Haiyan Gao

Excellent designer in Zhejiang, founder/director of Taizhou Jinchen Space Design/Design Institute, founded Taizhou Jinchen Space Design Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2017, with 12 years of design experience, skilled in integrating artistry and interest into design, thus creating a unique and practical aesthetic space.