Guomao xueyuan
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Work Name: Guomao Xueyuan
Project address: Fuzhou, Fujian
Project area: 97 square meters
Design style: French retro
Owner Information: A young couple born in the 2000s who are engaged in the e-commerce industry and need to take photos from home.
The design of this case is dominated by French retro style, drawing on the elegance, nobility, and romance of French style, pursuing the overall poetic atmosphere, aiming to deeply infect people from the temperament, allowing people to feel the owner's leisurely and comfortable life and sunny mood in any corner.
The integrated open design of the restaurant and kitchen, combined with the open plan created by the living room, creates a sense of flow. The curved architectural elements enhance the flow of the space, and the exquisite curved arches become the highlight of the entire space. The simple and elegant design of the ceiling and walls adds a retro atmosphere.
The entire design is full of romance and elegance, while also considering modern practicality. Every corner of the space can meet the owner's independent shooting aesthetic.

Designer:Gong wenmin

Chief Designer of Fujian Dajia Design Engineering Co., Ltd Graduated from the Department of Arts, Wuyi University in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Art Design. I have been in the industry for 10 years, specializing in Nordic, French, retro, and modern styles.