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Goldstream Bar is located in Beijing Asian Games Village, a multi-story building from the 1990s. The renovation scope is 1 floor above ground and 2 floors underground, with a total of 400 square meters. Due to the age of many transformations, it presents a variety of materials and irregular facades. The new interface is embedded in the original building with aluminum plate, metal wave plate, steel plate and glass as materials. It retains the traces of the old interface and maintains the sense of age of the overall building. The composition of the new and the old are interspersed to form a dialogue, and the material has its own context of the times.

Designer:Yaning Chen

Yaning Chen,Interior designer, engaged in the interior design industry for 15 years. He has designed office spaces such as Minmetals Trust and UID Studio, as well as catering spaces such as Dadong and Quanjude. His works have won a number of design professional awards at home and abroad. In design practice, we continue to explore the integration and expression of traditional context in contemporary architectural space.