Glory Mansion Marketing Center
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Project Name:Glory Mansion Marketing Center
Location:Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Design Company: REMAC TY
Chief Designer: Zhang Xiaocong
Assistant Designer: Feng Haitao, Hu Yongjia, Jiang Zhuorong, Zheng Xianxian, Liang Jiayong, Luo Zuoheng, Lin Yaotong, Zhang Xiaomin, Zhu Zhongwei, Yuan Lvdi, Huang Fengsen, Wang Ruo, Wang Zihua, Lu Jiabin, Wu Zhenmin, Xu Zhiqi, Liang Yongde, Chen Fuquan, Tan Yiwen
floor area:2645.77㎡
Landscape area:10558㎡
Interior area:1285㎡
Design Cycle:May 2022- January 2023
Completion time:July 2023
Client Name:Foshan Shunde Shunxi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
This project, situated in the residential district of South of Leliu, Shunde. The area melds industrialization with urbanization with its vision to build a vibrant new city featuring industrial parks, coordinating growth, and delightful surroundings. The design blends individuals and space with landscape, unites urban architecture with natural environment and regional characteristics, presenting a grand showcase of scale, atmosphere, and ecological nature for all.
This architectural design utilizes a block of pure glass, rendering a clean and pure finish. The view connects the indoor and outdoor spaces. The continuous and intertwined facade adds light and smoothness with a curved metal.
The building's outer shell comprises paint, champagne, and silver-white aluminum plates with light, transparent high-transparency ultra-white glass, blurring reality and fantasy. The entrance marries innovation with champagne-colored aluminum plates. The double-layer facade enhances the aesthetics and creates a visual focus.
The curving shape, the landmark, shapes a futuristic, stylish ambiance. Its smooth curves reflects fluid natural form and adds charm to the building. Through careful manipulation of proportions and details, sharp edges are replaced with precise, three-dimensional arc sections, ensuring the building interacts with lines, light, and shadow, creating a free-flowing artistic space. Landscape Architecture The garden's theme reflects a utopian future oasis and interstellar travel, fusing dynamic parks, stalls, and landscaping into an innovative urban park interface.
The design integrates surrounding park greenery into the building. The garden tour-style design aligns with local conditions to optimize the views along the road. A profound understanding of scene structure transforms this demonstration area into a themed experience with integrated architecture and landscape.
The design merges the landscape feature and structure with fashionable scenes, and capitalizes on a well-positioned brand perception, crafting a comprehensive storyline, and creating a scene design with storytelling as the focus.
Interior Design
The interior design elegantly incorporates elements like coffee and floral arrangements creating a space that is social and welcoming, promoting a vibrant and active living environment.
The space function consists of reception lobby, corporate exhibition hall, sand table area, negotiation area, and bar area. Post-spacing art installations are strategically placed to lend interest and artistry to the space. The design builds a sense of space by creating a transition from small to large, and brings a restrained but opened design touch.
Green space is enhanced by stone-like art paint, bronze metal, wood veneer, creating a seamless integration with nature. The design exudes quality, featuring nearly 4-meter diameter hoisting metal installations and unique forms that fill the space with artistry.

Designer:Foshan Shunde Shunxi Real Estate Co., Ltd & REMAC TY