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Alan, British writer. Alain de Botton said in his book "The Building of Happiness" : "Every beautiful style is an understanding of happiness, through the beauty, we see our own ideal life."
In this strong atmosphere of urban attributes, looking for a place to escape from the world is a promising place for design. Cooking is the art of life, and space carries life. The beauty of Japanese cuisine is characterized by the quiet beauty of "idleness" in Japanese aesthetics.
 VESTIBUL   - Explore the possibilities brought by different materials, a variety of materials in accordance with the appropriate proportion of the integration of symbiosis, enrich the mood of the space, create a comfortable atmosphere.
The walls of rough rammed earth texture paint and very granular metal rust panels are reflected in the eyes of guests.
The gold leaf contrasts sharply with the delicate black titanium grille door, both of which accentuates its texture in the warm lighting atmosphere.
Plate front cooking
- The depth of the pattern makes for a wonderful dining experience.
Walking through the lobby, the first thing you see is the open and bright Panzai restaurant. As the visual core of the atmosphere of the restaurant space, the food counter in the Ming file area is available for chefs to create dishes.
Cooking is the art of space
The chef in front of the board and the guests looking at the partition have the basic perception, so as to judge the principle of serving dishes, dishes can be delivered to the guests in the shortest time, restoring the most true and intact appearance of the food just out of the oven, and the gourmeters can also watch an elegant food art up close, not only let the taste buds bloom, but also have a feast of eyes.
03 Public Area
Designers maximize the emphasis on the "dark" of the space, and then light to light up the thick and heavy colors of the strokes, forming a sense of light and dark layers. Bring the silence of this room to life.
Wine is also an essential element in Japanese food culture, so the designers set up wine racks at the corners of the plate, making wine an important part of the space.
Footsteps along the walkway, and then the path bifurcated, leading diners to the box. The box continues the overall tone, the space is more private, three or two friends gather here, taste food, share leisure time. The design of the private room focuses on the combination of virtual and real space.
Stay rice room area,  Tatami private room area 
Solid wood finishes with black mirrors extend the visual sense of the space.
The concrete texture of the wall is combined with solid wood pedals, which interprets the Japanese wabi-Sabi aesthetic, calm and quiet.
Details are also the key to improving the quality of space. The combination of mossy green, warm matte and almost black tones evokes a dark atmosphere steeped in mystery. From the space to the plants, decorative details and a return to nature are highlighted.
Ceiling with wooden grille layer by layer with light belt, deepen the sense of extension.
Table and chair private room area,  Private room area for tables and chairs 
The introduction of original, natural forms of green plants, dead branches and then the use of light film to simulate the sky to decorate the entire space, so that people can not only enjoy the pleasure of food, but also relax and experience the Zen given by the environment.
The whole room is painted with hard linen wall cloth, dark wood finish and special metallic paint. The suspended ceiling is stacked with juniper wood to create a collision between space texture and structure.
The visual effect and the overall space cooperate seamlessly, slowly walking among them, and savor this mysterious quiet quiet moment.

Designer:Li Xufang

Li Xufang, designer, graduated from Shanxi University of Communication in 1989. In 2018, Li established his own independent studio Moke space design, which includes villa, hotel, flat floor, VI, club and so on. Design style Modern style. From the space, dynamic, humanistic analysis, and throughout the entire design scheme. Awards and Honors: Won the 2023 Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Award