Geometric space art home
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A place is the carrier of an ideal life, And what I want it to look like, Is to have a family that loves, Sentimental, beautiful days,Life has its time, There is a future to rely on, Lovers, pets, family, friends, partners, In a dwelling filled with the owner's unique aesthetic and exclusive tonality, Everything blooms in the best way.
Completely break the traditional idea of empty questions, the upper and lower four floors are integrated and divided.
For the two older dogs, a lot of details were considered, which is what we have always emphasized, and each family member should be considered in place. A large area of white space is placed, and the beauty of the space and structure itself is released. Before and after Han daylighting well, more indoor light intake, good air intake, in the layout of the structure should be considered. Every decoration, single item, decoration, has its own artistic sense, The highlight is B&B's out-of-print Big Black Feet, Grotesquely funny, yet brutally beautiful, I can't find anything that matches this house like this!
Not only live and use experience full score, It is the "artistic sense" temperament to play to the extreme.
Rugged exposed pipes, textured art paint, Steel stair guardrail, spacious and gentle stair walk, The result is a visually striking geometry, Whether looking down or sideways, there are different faces, It is the ingenuity of design and the beauty of space.


Design concept: Good design is the way to make friends.