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Fu Quan Hui
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"The beauty of architecture lies in its twin function as a recorder and an expression of history." The accumulation of history and time, as the architect I.M. Pei noted, should serve as inspiration for new architecture rather than acting as a constraint. As a well-known brand associated with the Zhejiang School of Health Care, Fu Quan Hui must concentrate on showcasing its internal culture and values during the creation of its spaces, which is the designer pays attention to in the process of design. The Mojiaban Design team creates a new presentation and makeover for the brand while giving power to traditional gardening methods with creative concepts.
The gentle spherical curve of the bar background unfolds like flowing silk thanks to the on-site structure. When the brightness of the light is combined with the halo of light and shadow, the space environment changes quickly, making the overall relationship in space more flexible and adaptable. The dynamic modeling LED device in the lobby is astounding as we move forward. In order to bridge the gap between technology and the classic, the designer starts with the iconic bracket shape and adds extraordinary light-and-shadow effects with a technological sensibility. By doing so, this bridge can then be transformed into a dazzling trend that demonstrates the beauty of culture itself.
At the time when we look for the shade of green leaves, the light changes gradually, and our sight will be wider and wider.
Black ice stone is applied on a big scale, thus expanding the depth of the image in the space. The distinct smoothness of the stone surface also looks like a transparent mirror, creating an effective interaction with the moving light on the one hand, and raising the overall visual level by combining virtual and practical techniques to convey the design's airy and clear landscape on the other.

Half of and acre of sky light looks like a piece of cloud shadow. The designer places a sizable silkworm yarn gadget at the entrance to the restaurant, which, like a cloud emerging from an ink mirror, softens the roughness of the stone. Customers can experience unlimited space for reverie with significant visual tension thanks to the overlapping and alternating lines, light, and shadow that interweave virtuality and reality, as well as black and white, throughout the entire space.
The "leaky tracery" culture has distinctive artistic qualities in Jiangnan garden architecture. "Wherever there is a view, it is like hiding from the outside," says Yuanye. The designer ensures the independence of the dining room while showcasing the supreme beauty of Chinese garden landscaping by using hollow glass bricks as a wall between the tables in the quick meal area and embellishing beautiful lanterns in the style of glass bricks.
On the side of the lobby is a tea room themed with pine. Through the emerald-green pine branches, the spot light filters onto the tea table. The sophisticated solid wood tea table has a clear texture. Customers can experience the rich antique feeling in contemporary leisure activities, immerse their spirit in the cultural and human connotation, and enjoy a deep rest at the sight of the twisting and stretching wood texture.
In order to add a unique wild interest and sense of life into the space and create a natural field with flowing light and shadow, swaying grass and trees, and surging breath, the designer uses a significant amount of raw biological materials with clear texture during the design process, including solid wood, silkworm yarn, rubble, and other natural materials that do not require necessary artificial labor. Customers can enter into mountain gardens to calm their emotions down and heal their bodies and minds in the space, without being cut off from reality in that nature and humans coexist here.