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Free Space
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Project Name: Free Space
Location: Chongqing, China
Chief Designer: Yingying Wang
Assistant Designer: /
Area: 270 square meters
Cost: 2.2 million
Design Cycle: April 7, 2022- May 6, 2022
Completion time: April 28, 2023
Main Materials: art paint, fabric, rock board, wood veneer, leather, cave stone, elm wood
Client Name: Qiao He
Photographer: Boundary Photography
This project is the second residence designed by Lingoal Design for the homeowner. The couple has three lively and adorable children, and their ideal home is a harmonious emotional space. Their love for natural elements led them to desire an atmosphere of relaxation and freedom the moment they enter their home. Therefore, the designer, using time as a unit, incorporated love and warmth from daily life into the collective memory of this family of five.
In terms of layout, the original structure had several drawbacks. The kitchen and dining area on the first floor were relatively small, and the space was fragmented. The outdoor entrance to the living balcony made it less convenient to use, and the tea room had limited space. The second-floor hallway was narrow, resulting in wasted space. The proportions of the master bedroom's walk-in closet and the master bathroom were unbalanced, and there was no dedicated study, which meant a lack of a conducive environment for independent thinking. Furthermore, the attic space was underutilized.
As a result, the designer reconfigured the floor plan. On the ground floor, they broke away from the conventional layout by utilizing previously wasted hallway space to create a kitchen island, establishing a horizontal correspondence with the kitchen. The dining area was designed in a circular table format to fit the space and minimize the corridor area. The original tea room and living room walls were removed to create a concept of a horizontal hall, enhancing spatial visibility and openness. The fragmented spaces on the second floor were rearranged to form a master suite, providing the homeowners with a highly private and comfortable living space. It includes a separate spacious walk-in closet, bathroom, and study, fully catering to the daily needs of the male and female homeowners.
In the bustling city, creating a tranquil sanctuary for themselves and their children was the dream of the homeowners. Starting from this point, the designer transformed this four-bedroom, two-living-room residence located in the bustling city into a place where people coexist harmoniously with nature and return to the source, embodying the essence of wabi-sabi.
Good design not only meets the client's needs but also elevates the theme. The designer restructured the layout, transforming the originally narrow vertical hallway into a spacious horizontal hall that expands the scale of the space and establishes a sense of order. The elegant curved shape of the TV wall complements the sleek and minimalist built-in television, paired with vertical electric curtains, creating a sense of tenderness and sophistication in the home. The beautiful outdoor views are a sight to behold, in close proximity to nature, allowing the homeowners to experience the changing seasons and find their own rhythm, making home life more relaxed and comfortable.
The load-bearing wall in the living room is meticulously wrapped in natural old elm wood, adding a touch of scenery to the space. The warm leather sofa, natural wood, and textured lacquer with a pure and rustic texture collectively create the natural beauty of the interior.
The long island subtly serves as the boundary for the dining and kitchen areas in a relaxed and informal layout. The kitchen, dining room, and island effortlessly combine, cleverly concealing the kitchen in the corner to avoid the inconvenience of cooking fumes. The relaxed atmosphere is accentuated by the appropriately placed corridor. The walnut-colored round dining table, artistic cloud-shaped pendant light, and the interplay of white and wood add layers to the furniture, giving it aesthetic personality without adhering to the conventional.
The sight extends further, and the staircase area enhances the spatial rhythm through architectural composition, with attention to detail in the warm wood and beams, reinforcing the hierarchical relationship.
In the master bedroom suite, a comprehensive set of functions, including an independent bathroom, study, and a powerful wardrobe storage system, reflects the high-quality requirements of life. A creatively placed bathtub by the window invites interaction with the outdoors, making bathing a more enjoyable experience.
In the study, the antique chair tells stories of time, seasonal flowers adorn the space with atmosphere, and a plethora of books connect the past and present. Here, the hustle and bustle of the world seems to be left behind, leaving only tranquility and beauty.
A dedicated space is created to nurture the playful hearts of children. The design of the children's room transcends strict functionality and rationality, focusing on emotional expression and sensory experience

Designer:Yingying Wang