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FORSHINE Experience Showroom
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Located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the FORSHINE Experience Showroom is designed to combine the aesthetic of eclecticism and design, blending the cultural origins from different periods together. By weakening the figurative style, the architecture itself, cultural, emotional and decorative dependent colors are balanced in the space as a common point to make it appropriate and establish a connection. The design of the entire showroom is in accordance with the non-fixed stylized positioning of the FORSHINE brand culture, forming a free and innovative spatial expression, shaping a distinctive and comprehensive experience space.
Here, it feel more like home than a commercial space, The FORSHINE showroom design is inspired by the use of geometric elements, the flexibility of lines, the softness of circles and the stability of squares. Different geometric shapes represent different emotions and connotations in the space, and vary by size, combination and color to achieve true simplicity without simplicity. In the creation of the atmosphere, the design team incorporated the sunny colors, smooth lines, and combinations of geometric forms into this space, allowing them to ferment freely to show a more natural and comfortable state of form and create the warmth of home. Based on the choice of tone, warm gray color is chosen to represent the vitality and vitality of the orange tone to shape the brand image of FORSHINE. Environmentally friendly paints, decorative panels, rock panels and lightweight tiles are used as the main materials of the space, presenting their natural texture in different areas and bringing an elegant aesthetic to the showroom. Within the space here, the extension and repetition of geometry makes the space with large area of paint instantly dynamic and vivid, from flat to three-dimensional, and the style of the space and the interest of life are enhanced. Then use the color contrast to activate and strengthen the unique beauty of geometric elements, deepen people's perception of space, thus creating a bright effect.
In the exhibition space, water features are used to create a tranquil atmosphere, while contemporary style lanterns seem to be suspended in the air, which is dexterous and charming. The light penetrates the space and inspires people to peep into another space. In the main space of the exhibition hall, clean lines with a modern sense flow freely, and different geometric forms wrap around the original architectural structure, romantically intermingling with the space and exuding the vitality and freedom of rebirth. Here, people can feel the quality of materials and texture of the brand. In the localization of the products, the design team allocates through home scenario, from getting a closer life experience hair feeling, adding a sense of atmosphere. In addition, natural light through the windows to participate in the dialogue of the interior, making the space more distinct and interesting levels.
FORSHINE hopes that every visitor who comes here will feel like entering a home, where every detail can immerse people in a happy time. Rather than pursuing a fixed form of expression, the entire showroom is designed to show an orderly and unrestrained multifaceted space in a mix of geometric elements. The warm orange color is enhanced by the light, either dark or light, glorious or light to achieve visual harmony and balance, conveying the warm and normal scenes of life.


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