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“Forever” Emerald Multi-Purpose Necklace
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A year-long labor of love, this masterpiece inherits the wisdom of Chinese civilization, crafting a harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western influences in its geometric design that embodies the strength of femininity. "Ancients believed in the roundness of heaven and the squareness of earth, symbolizing the celestial and terrestrial realms through circles and squares." The marriage of circles and squares, traditional geometric forms in Chinese culture, expresses the graceful beauty of roundness and the precise elegance of squares, symbolizing the perfect integration of strength and gentleness, much like the power of women. Emerald is cherished for its rare and distinctive green allure, symbolizing not only the unique charm of the color but also embodying confidence, stability, and a sense of superiority. In CANDY&Co.'s Art Series "Forever" Emerald Multi-Functional Necklace, exquisite Colombian Muzo emeralds, totaling 35.27 carats across 11 perfectly round gems, are meticulously complemented by 25.333 carats of finely set diamonds. This extravagant design emanates an aura of luxury and grandeur.
This elegant design with emeralds perfectly captures the grand and sweeping imagery of tumultuous ocean waves. Each emerald and diamond, intricately set in a dense arrangement, embodies the profound concept of "the sky covering the earth, and the earth forming a chessboard." The interplay of circles and squares, representing eternity, and the rich symbolism of inner circles within outer squares, unleashes a radiant brilliance within the necklace. The new "Forever" Emerald Multi-Functional Necklace series can be worn as both a necklace and earrings. Diamonds and 18K gold surrounding the necklace echo the green hues of the main stone. The symmetrical earring design, featuring carefully selected raw stones and precision cutting techniques, continually emanates a unique charm.

Designer/Agency:Yang Lu+ CANDY&Co

Candy & Co. was founded in 2006 by Chinese Canadian Jewelry Designer YANG LU. Focus on the people-oriented design concept. To provide customers with rare, precious, heritage of high-end jewelry while outstanding subversive design style, greatly enhance the original value of gemstones. The brand owns more than 200 patented jewelry designs and Copyrights. The sole jewelry sponsor of vancouver Film Festival from 2016 to 2018. Its designers have won many excellent design awards at home and abroad. In 2021, the only Chinese designer from more than 70 countries in the world was invited by the Florence Biennale in Italy, and won the Great Lorenzo Jewelry Design Award.