Fancy Lake Penthouse
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Fancy Lake Penthouse: The commissioned project consists of two sets of connected flat-storey apartments located on the shore of a city lake. During project communication, the owner mentioned that the residence would mainly serve as a place for entertaining friends rather than for conventional living needs. Therefore, the owner desires an urban retreat design that reflects her unique taste in artwork while maintaining a sense of beauty. As Thoreau once said, "the lake is the most beautiful and expressive appearance in the landscape." Despite the project's prime location by the lake, the original unit type consisted of two sets of office space with a chaotic layout. Multiple non-load-bearing walls divided the small rooms, resulting in a messy space that obscured the beautiful lake view. Based on the owner's family size, relationships, and actual usage of space, the design team will integrate the two houses into one, integrate fragmented space, optimize the functional layout, and adjust the landscape orientation of the indoor functional partition. The goal is to allow the space to fully absorb the beauty of the lake and natural light, resulting in a stunning super lake view flat with a wide format, ample space, full functionality, and beautiful landscape.

Designer:Alen Zhao

China-born, ShangHai-based Designer Alen Zhao founded Lath Space in 2007. Her designs have been coveted for their fusion of masculine with feminine, rich fabrics with sharp contemporary silhouettes, and romantic ideals with classical stoicism. She lends a signature twist to everyday essentials. Her design philosophy lives in the studio's pared-back aesthetic and respect for materials, while remaining avant-garde in its reinterpretations of contemporary classics. Currently, Lath Space have broadened their design footprints among high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial projects on an International scale. The main creators of the team often travel to Europe and America, are familiar with international cultural connotation, space artistic temperament and lifestyle, and grasp the art fashion trend in time with a keen sense of fashion; On the basis of in-depth understanding of the relationship between market supply and demand, be familiar with the use of different design styles and design elements, master the relationship between materials, furniture, furnishing art, green environmental protection and intelligent technology, and realize the perfect integration of space and art.