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Any traveler or resident in a city understands the value of an urban fortress, protecting that much-needed quiet reflection amidst the hustle and bustle. Located in the vibrant Jiangxia district of Wuhan, this project sits in the heart of a community shopping plaza. As a gathering place and social hub within the community, we aimed to create a connection between the plaza and restaurant, blurring the line between public and private spaces. Drawing inspiration from the internal form of the building, the restaurant design establishes a dynamic relationship between the city, space, and people.
We consider the main entrance of the restaurant as an extension of the street, leading straight into the dining area. To facilitate this transition, we inserted a pre-emotional space at the entrance - a box - to adjust visitors' mood before entering the main space. As a box inserted into the space, the volume intentionally rejects the chaos outside and focuses on the interior activities. Inside, the space is divided into two levels, and the sloping roof design serves not only as a shelter but also as a unifying element that defines different dining areas.
As visitors move through the space, they will feel the changing environment around them. The simple gray slate flooring, the carefully crafted wooden structural ceiling in warm tones, offer a sense of intimacy and shelter. The building structure's upward movement leads to a lighter and more open color palette, inviting diners to interact with the space.

Designer:Qimin Zhou

ICDA International Senior Interior Designer (A) CAID Interior Architect Designer Work field: Interior Design, Architecture, and Product Design. Design philosophy: Use simple forms and natural materials as principles. Express a certain spatial mood in the project, its initial impression.