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Eastern Modern Family: Tianhong Mansion
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This is an interior design project for a villa located in Yantai, China, integrating life and art to create a warm haven that meets the needs of every family member. Designers took Eastern aesthetics and natural elements as the main creative theme, providing clients with a residence where they can enjoy life to the fullest and be close to nature. Therefore, in terms of color selection, this project mainly uses natural wood and white, supplemented by shades of advanced gray, champagne, and green, appearing simple and elegant.
For spatial design, although different areas have different functional positioning, designers have achieved a clever combination of nature and art through diverse design methods. In the outdoor corridor, earth-colored wooden boards, orderly arranged stones, and lush welcoming pine trees form a natural picture, giving people a unique experience as if walking into the mountains and plains.
Inspired by modern techniques of Chinese garden architecture, courtyard design inherits the graceful style of pavilions, presenting a strong Eastern cultural atmosphere with materials such as Taihu stone and flower tiles.
The interweaving and decomposition of volumes in indoor space bring a stronger sense of structural beauty and create a new spatial order. Stepping into different functional areas, one is greeted with a leisurely atmosphere imbued with Eastern aesthetics. Designers organically combine elements such as lighting, wood, and metal to create an environment that is elegant yet artistic. Design elements such as panoramic glass walls, rustic bamboo decorations, various green plants, and landscape paintings successfully bring natural scenery into enclosed spaces, adding aesthetic interest.
While pursuing aesthetic experience, designers also consider the practical needs of clients and add practicality to different functional areas, fully demonstrating humanistic care and achieving harmonious coexistence of people, architecture, and ecology.

Agency:Yantai Ruyi Design & Decoration Co., Ltd

Yantai Ruyi Design & Decoration Co., Ltd is a high-end design company specializing in the field of aesthetic space design. It is a leading producer in the field of indoor and outdoor space design and decoration art design. We aim to provide customized fine space aesthetic design for people who pursue a better life. Our services cover hotels, clubs, business, office, real estate, residential and so on. With professional service attitude and international design concept, we tailor each project, so that space aesthetics and commercial value coexist.