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This case is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang province, the building body has been 15 years, the original building is neat, and the window type is closed. The designer transforms the window type and expands the light surface, so that the space can broaden the line of sight to the greatest extent and introduce the external light source. This case in the commercial strong area, often have the need of business that occupy the home, designers use the cave, rock plate, wood veneer of natural color and material, to create a city sense of space, build partial business home experience, conducive to the owner better use space to improve business owners image and temperament.

Agency:Yongkang Xinghao Decoration Engineering Co., LTD

Xinghao Design is a design management company integrating creativity, interior space planning and aesthetic output. Its design power is distributed throughout the country, with design branches in Jinhua, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Chengdu. Star Hao design slogan for "Hao to the beauty, the star", and strive to bring diversified creative design to the service object, to realize the brand value. Through multi-network system, we realize multi-platform grafting cooperation and landing projects, and deepen the design with team strength. The design scope includes: private residential buildings, enterprise office, restaurant, club, exhibition hall, real estate, home stay and hotel, etc.