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The door of the commercial street is restricted, and the main axis of the overall space is positioned indoors. Based on the collision of contemporary art vocabulary and management logic, space planning, modeling, tone selection and style setting are based on this.
The mode of operation has been upgraded from the original traditional supercar rental to the supercar club, which is a social platform with supercars as the medium to meet friends with cars and advocate high-end quality life. The design will also break and subvert the dull and boring commercial space. With personality, texture of the brand new appearance

Supercars, in addition to high power output, also outstanding shape. A pile of high appearance level products, placed anywhere is the most eye-catching. Space is going to be equal to it.
Entry can not be ignored structural column, sharp presence. Decorate it? Weakening it? Hide it? Are not the right answer, do not blindly show off skills, in the best time, to crush the difficulties, grow into a powerful force. In the hearts of the public, the representative brand -- Lamborghini, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the launch of the commemorative model: rare poison,Veneno Roadster, is the designer thinks the most beautiful cutting surface! Fortunately, it's a great showcase for the most beautiful cut surfaces.

Guided by the light on the ground, containing the generous gray, mysterious and contradictory black. And the structure of the changeable lines, ease the beauty of conflict, complete the mission of balance space.
Central bar, migratory line, shape texture echoes inside and outside, high immersion and taste of infinite diffusion

Designer: Xiaoming Yang(Winter)

In 2009, he founded Gushi Design Studio
In 2011, he worked at IKEA Decoration as the main designer
In 2012, he founded Morning Design Studio
2011 CIDA China Interior Design Award of Excellence
2012 CIDA China Interior Design Awards Outstanding Designer of the Year
2017 CIID 52nd Professional Committee Annual Contribution Award
2019 CIID Quanzhou Interior Decoration Industry Promotion Award
2020 "40 UNDER 40 China (Fujian) Design Outstanding Youth
2020 23rd China Interior Design Awards Office Engineering Excellence Award
2020 SIDW New China Design Award Interprovincial List
2020 SIDW New Design of the Year
Representative works:
Garden villa with sea view Hundreds of billions of villas
Nanyangli restaurant chain institution
Dongmei Kindergarten
Turing Wisdom Valley Community Transformation
Design concept: use imagination to do design. Bring spaces to life