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The space in this case pursues the impact, freshness, and comfort of space vision more while meeting the functions of the residential club. The design adopts the form of Western modern aesthetics, and respects the living habits of the oriental humanities, making a flexible attempt.
Coincidentally, the owner is an artist, and gladly accepted my design idea; The owner agreed with my idea that the layout breaks the traditional idea of being square and formal, and adopts slashes, which are smooth and stretched, making the space unruly, wild, and aloof. In terms of furniture configuration, several original featured products were customized and purchased; later accessories were carefully selected. Walking into the space, moving as a scene, it is pleasing to the eye.
Thinking changes the environment, the environment changes the concept, the imagination drives creativity, and the design makes the space more beautiful, more passionate, and poetic.
Thanks to the owners for their support in making this work possible; Welcome to identify and appreciate.

Designer: Mingfu Zhan

Member of China Building Decoration Association
Vice Chairman of the Design Committee of the China Building Decoration Association
Member of the International Association of Architectural Decoration and Interior Design
Registered Senior Interior Architect
The registered senior interior designer of the International Association of Architectural Decoration and Interior Design
Member of Asia Pacific Designers Association
Vice President of Fujian Branch of Shanghai Longilat Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.