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The principles and possibilities of economic realization and the techniques used:
The materials used in this case are all magnetic tiles for the floor and toilet, latex paint for the top of the wall of the living room, and local autumn wood for the wall, soft decoration and painting with tallow red. All fixed furniture is custom-made, and other movable furniture is purchased from outside. The equipment used is central air conditioning, floor heating and fresh air.


Ergonomie, space management, the possibility of living space, the element of circulating comfort.
The original 1F balcony was separated from the living room, which was too small, as was the kitchen. I made the kitchen open and put the refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, washing machine and dryer in the whole noodle cabinet of the restaurant for hidden design. Then open the balcony, and the dining room and living room blend. The center column is enclosed in a mantelpiece. To achieve a unified, open and integrated space.
The original 2F public toilet is just above the 1F entrance, which does not conform to the Chinese concept of feng shui. Therefore, the toilet is cancelled and a water bar area is made in the public space. The master bedroom and the study were integrated into a large suite. Originally, the master bathroom was entered through the clothes storage room. I hid the clothes storage on the whole wall beside the study and made the toilet bigger. And stole a closet from this bathroom for the guest room. It realizes the concealment and possibility of clothing storage, the possibility of shower and bathtub, the possibility that the owner needs a comfortable large suite, and the possibility that there is a bar area on the second floor. Since the host lives alone, he should be comfortable and at ease with himself.


Ethique's original and bizarre creation appeals to the semiotics of the East.
I put the name of the case as winter snow, is pregnant dormant meaning. At home, 80% of white represents snow, while autumn wood represents the trunks of tallow trees and the soil on the mountain. The soft decorations and paintings stained with red ochre and orange in different layers represent the leaves of Tallow trees on the mountain, which are changing color every day. When the first snow amnesty, the forest do dye, but the tallow on the mountain to the earth stubbornly infected with vitality, it is a kind of inner rhyme and full of feelings.


Esthetique aesthetics harmony in the perception of space and quality
The owner of this case is a master who struggles and starts his own business alone in a foreign land. He has been fighting alone in a foreign land for more than ten years and finally made his own business. It is just like looking forward to one autumn after another in a snowy winter. In the past ten years, he rented a house in other places, but finally he has a home that belongs to him. The space should be one with his people. Only such a space can have spirituality.


Emotion -- Creative, qualitative life scene
The owner of the house is a friend of mine for 18 years. My understanding of him is that he is low-key and hardworking, domineer and warm. His grand momentum is never manifested outside, but internalized in the form. It is like the mountain luan after snow and the tallow of winter. It contains great strength and tenacity without any trace. Therefore, I used dark grey floor, white fixed storage cabinets, black movable furniture, smokey grey large rock slab bricks and transparent blue bathtub, and all small furniture with log texture, quietly dotted the corners of the space with a sense of change.
Dining room Light: Menu Franklin Chandelier, Denmark
Black chandeliers: Small black chandeliers are everywhere, this is a Scandinavian designer's masterpiece. Others are designed without main lights.
2F Chair: The Up5-6 sofa created by Italian pioneer designer Gaetano Pesce. Because of the deep affection between the owner and his mother, he placed a chair in the corner of the study and rested in the chair after working hard. Can the children in a foreign land feel the warmth of the family?
Painting: All use texture and the changing colors of Tallow leaves to reflect the vitality of snow in winter

Designer: Li Shu

Li Shu graduated from School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and Master of International Design Management of Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. In 2003, she founded Nanjing Milan Decoration Engineering Company, and in 2016, she founded Nanjing Cotton Flower high-end design studio.
Won the title of "Ten Most Influential Designers" in the 6th China International Design and Art Fair, the title of "Ten Most Innovative People" in the 7th China International Architecture and Decoration Design Fair, the First Prize of "Living Space" in the China Interior Designers Golden League, and the First Prize of "International Environmental Art Competition" in the 8th Designers Fair. Jintang Award "Excellent Works Award of Public Space", Jintang Award "Excellent Works Award of Residential Apartment", Jiangsu Interior Design Competition won the "Excellence Award" and "Professional group Quality Engineering Award", Nanjing Interior Design Competition "Excellent Works Award (home decoration)" "Excellent Works Award (fixture)", China Nanjing Interior Design General ranking won the "Annual Office Space Design Award", The work "First Sight" won the first prize of residential space in the "Huading Award" of the 11th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair, the second prize of the work "Flower Stream", the "2018 Most Influential Design Figures" of CBDA soft Decoration and Display Art Festival, and the work "Lotus" won the "Villa Mansion Gold Medal".
Works selected in "China's latest top model House", "China interior decoration Yearbook", "Mood restaurant", "Sample House model room & simple life", "global top villa", "2012 villa design classic", "decoration information", "2014 Taobao interior design Competition", "Villa collection. Classical style"... And other magazine publications.