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Deyunshe red door royal banquet
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Agency:Beijing Liu Hengya Decoration Design Co., LTD. (Liu Hengya, Jia Zhengqiang, Ma Yongqiang, Zhang Quan, Zhai Xiayian, Li Kuo)

Beijing Liu Hengya Decoration Design Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1993, always adhere to the "achievement of customers, self achievement" win-win concept, is committed to providing customers with high-quality decoration design services. After years of steady development and innovation breakthroughs, the company has developed into a professional decoration design company with a wide reputation inside and outside the industry.
As a diversified decoration design company integrating hotel, catering planning, banquet design and mansion villa design, Beijing Liu Hengya Decoration Design Co., Ltd. has rich experience and profound strength. The company's professional team is a group of designers and planners with rich experience and expertise, who provide personalized design and solutions to customers with innovative thinking and unique perspective.
The company's hotel design services focus on space utilization, function division and comfort. Through reasonable layout and elaborate decoration, the hotel space is more distinctive and attractive. In terms of catering planning, the company not only provides design services for restaurants and cafes, but also provides customers with comprehensive support including menu design, catering management and other aspects.
Banquet design is another advantageous service of the company. With professional design concept and meticulous service attitude, the company has successfully planned various theme banquet activities for customers for many times, providing a full range of solutions from venue layout, activity process and catering arrangement. For the design of large villas, the company pays attention to the perfect combination of space planning, home design and art decoration. Designers have a deep understanding of customers' needs and living habits, through innovative design and exquisite construction, to create a comfortable, elegant and personalized living space for customers.
Beijing Liu Hengya Decoration Design Co., Ltd. always adhere to the customer-centered service concept, is committed to providing professional services beyond the expectations of customers. The company is unanimously respected and praised both inside and outside the industry, which has not only attracted a large number of loyal customers, but also established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises and individuals.
Through continuous efforts and innovation, Beijing Liu Hengya Decoration Design Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the "win-win concept of customer achievement, self achievement", constantly improve their professional quality and service level, to provide customers with better quality, more perfect decoration design services.