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Decoration Project of Xianyang Branch Business Department of Postal Savings Bank Of China
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The business department project of China Postal Savings Bank Co., Ltd. Xianyang Branch is located at No. 9 Yuquan West Road, Qindu District, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. This city is in the hinterland of the 800 mile Qinchuan River, with mountains stretching north and the Wei River flowing south. The mountains and rivers are always laid in sunshine, hence the name Xianyang. It is not only the origin of the land of Jiuzhou, but also the beginning of Chinese history. The agricultural civilization was nurtured here, culture of Qin and Han dynasties sailed out from here. The tombs of 28 Han and Tang emperors on the Five Tombs Plateau stretch for a hundred miles. Indeed, Xianyang is the capital of Qin, but also the best interpretation of the great era. Therefore, we use this case design to seek, reflect, and showcase the charm of the capital of Qin, Xianyang.
The Qin culture has had a profound influence in Chinese history, with the Eight Manifestations sharing the same style, ushering in the unification of China. Therefore, this design concept incorporates rich flavours of Qin culture. We hope this oeuvre would become a space which cares about banking customer experience most. Inheritance, fashion, lightness, and a sense of technology are the purposes we want to express. At the beginning of the design, unnecessary techniques other than functionality were discarded, and the space was cut by the overall area, highlighting simp seelicity, inclusiveness, cultural attributes, and modernity to the fullest.
The design of this case is divided into three major sections: the main business area, the wealth center, and the office area. In terms of overall inner space design, Qin Dynasty patterns and characters are purposefully implemented to visually highlight Qin elements in the shapes of walls and ceilings. The design team also paid tribute to the cultural characteristics and ancient architectural stylish languages of Xianyang City, in order to create the spatial landmark that showcases both ancient and modern elements while maintaining harmony, embodying cultural heritage and conforming to modern aesthetics. The non cash service area and intelligent service center adopt the ancient curtain design, dividing different functional areas in the form of curtains. This layout concept expresses the Taoism concept of "virtual and real coexistence", at same time the efficiency of space utilization has been carefuly respected.
The designer has also added inspiration in the design, with incorporating "tile shelves" and extracting "floating eaves" grille elements. Through the specific hollow design, the brightness and transparency of the space were improved. The soft decoration design of the Wealth Center lobby is also unique, with the use of Qin Banliang and lantern elements not only as decoration, but also providing practical lighting properties for the space. In the overall architectural space design of the case, the use of bucket arch ceiling in Chinese ancient buildings, combined with soft film ceiling, creates a sky like effect, making the whole space particularly spacious and bright.
The proposed oeuvre has always followed the principles of overall coordination, cultural heritage, sustainability, and economic practicality, taking into account of client preferences, optimization of flow lines, inter district connectivity, digital intelligence, and space utilization efficiency. All the efforts are made in order to meet variety needs, each area has been planned according to local conditions, such as the storefront, intelligent service area, non-cash service area, and wealth center, with detailed functional zoning and modular design. This purposefully approach is made to maximize its functionality, continuously enhance the promotion and education of the branch and the comprehensive ability to serve customers, stimulate the vitality of the branch's marketing, and improve the customer's service experience. This case design represents that the future Xianyang Branch will always hold a sense of awe and responsibility, gather all forces, coordinate all resources to safeguard the financial industry.

Designer:Xiaolei Shi

XiaoLei Shi, Male, born on September 8,1981, is now the legal representative, General Manager and head of Design Department of Xi'an Xihao Decoration Design Engineering Co. , Ltd. . He has been engaged in architectural design for 20 years, he has the title of intermediate engineer and senior interior designer in architectural engineering. He has won Silver Award in the Xi'an Interior Design Competition. In 2023, he has been nominated by the“China Enterprise certification supervision center”, “China Quality Certification management evaluation center” with the “China's architectural interior design industry the most influential person” honorary certificate.