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Dawn Blossom Boutique Restaurant
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This project is a renovation project. The original building was a modern concrete arhitecture built from the 1980s. We repositioned the client’s existing brand and fully utilized the European 19th century Victorian architectural style, decorative materials, and elegant colors in this project. At the same time, we blended the neoclassical aesthetics of the late 18th century, integrating the flower shop with the restaurant. Laying out the functions of the flower shop, bar, banquet, dining, French window sashes, etc., we created a retro Eden style, showcasing a sensational feeling of classicism, elegance and grandeur.

Agency:Boqian Li Design Ltd

BOQIAN LI-DESIGN, founded in London and Beijing 2022, is led by Boqian Li, ARB Registered Architect. Grew up in Beijing hutong, he embarked his journey on architecture design in London in his early years, internalizing architect essences in holy grounds of both western and oriental cultures. Prior to founding BQL Design, he worked in London offices of cutting-edge architectural studios including Zaha Hadid Architects, Gensler, and Millier for many years. BQL Design provides professional service of architectural design, brand design, and product design for clients root in diverse fields. We believe that cities are constantly evolving and improving systems, reflecting factors such as history, environment, society, and culture. We respect the needs and logic behind design, and explore a balance between historical heritage and cutting-edge technology. We promote the integration of different concepts, break existing rules, redefine emerging new orders, and explore new sensory experiences and functional meanings. We advocate coexistence with nature, sharing with technology, coexisting with context, and empathizing with space.