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This case is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, with a total construction area of 200 square meters, which is connected by three houses, the location of the original beam is unreasonable, the original sewage drainage pipe of the house type is restrictive, the location of the windows is scattered, and the windows are generally small, but at the same time there are advantages, the overall location of the load-bearing column is less, and the alter-ability is higher. The local space has a high floor height, which can avoid the position of beams and has a high plasticity, and at the same time, the entrance hallway is increased into the set area, which increases the internal space area.
The owner is an independent woman who likes dark colors and thinks it will be more advanced, so she chose a dark gray style.
In terms of space requirements, the public space, guest dining room needed to be as large as possible, because the owner's industry needs to entertain clients part of the time. -The TV in the living room is 100 inches, built-in and can be rotated.
The kitchen needs to consider the Chinese and Western kitchen, accept the middle kitchen or bar, accept the water bar dining. This case carefully considered the advantages and disadvantages of the house type, according to the needs of the party cleverly conceived the plan layout, super-large guest dining kitchen as one, highlighting the unparalleled pattern, dark color tone under the lighting, highlighting the sense of atmosphere. Especially at night, the layered sense of ambience of the lights, paired with the dark color scheme, allows for total relaxation. The curved sofa is paired with the round shape of the top surface, and the inlaid water ripple panel enhances the spatial relationship. The sofa back wall is made of wood veneer grille as well as overhanging laminate, paired with crystal acrylic wine cabinet. The vertical division according to the perfect geometric proportion is noble and elegant, satisfying the practicality and at the same time highly beautiful. The open kitchen on the right hand side, with Chinese and Western kitchen, greatly satisfies the needs, while the center island, which is generally found in large houses, shows the unparalleled spatial relationship. The TV cabinet directly in front of the sofa is made of solid doors with black laminates, vertically pulling up the overall sense of space, full of beautiful shapes and at the same time, both storage space. Next, the master bedroom space, the rear hollow with light, terrazzo to increase the sense of layers, while on the right side, the vertical accent of luxury stone, so that the dark space is filled with a touch of light. This case combines the owner's preference and the spatial relationship of the house. The functional layout, as well as the practicality were deeply thought out, and the advanced deep black color was used to create an unparalleled feeling.

Designer: WILS

Graduated from BRADFORD COLLEGE Major Of Design (Australia)
Graduated from one of the world's top 100 universities, ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY
Winner of the South Australian Best Design Contribution Award in 2018. -Worked as a design professional in Australia for one year. -Returned to China for five years to work in design, and founded his own spatial architectural design office - Triple Design. -Specializes in residential space design, commercial space design, and architectural design, making unique and forward-looking designs.