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CRCC Tower Ningbo
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The site is located in the heart of Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, China, with a prime urban location and impressive landscape and cultural resources. To the south of the site is the 600-year-old Ganlu Temple. The project covers an area of 14,100㎡, with a total construction area of 80500㎡, including 56500㎡ above ground and 24,000㎡ underground.



The project is based on the concept of "three-dimensional garden" in the city, exploring and practicing a new way of green and organic living. The layout of the plan echoes the complex site conditions and the relationship between urban space in many aspects. Due to the complexity of its surroundings and the specificity of its historical context, the architectural design seeks to create a group of buildings that blend into the tone of the city. They are diverse in scale and type, and the new and the old undulate and blend, forming a spatial polyphony that echoes each other.
Considering the small-scale cultural mechanism, the scheme breaks up the commercial along the street to form a small-scale networked space, while forming a multi-level infiltration with the water system, temples and urban roads. (When considering the location of the tower building, the Xueshi Road on the east side was chosen and avoided the axis of the temple in order to respond to the temple architecture with a humble attitude)



01 Extreme view,three-dimensional garden
Through the design concept of " three-dimensional garden ", the project reshaped the spatial relationship between the block and the city, to build a comfortable human nature, green and healthy office and business places. On the one hand, the multi-dimensional retreat space integrates into the urban context logically and consistently, on the other hand, it provides the ultimate landscape vision and resting place for the office and dining space.
02 Exquisite and interesting featured commercial space
The single-family commercial and office podium adopts exquisite block combination mode to form multi-level retreat space. Its spatial layout and the city road, water system and Ganlu Temple form a multi-dimensional penetration, and in the low area surrounded by the inner courtyard as the city's public living room, to create a delicate and interesting characteristic commercial space.
03 Flexible combination mode
Adopted the developable layout concept, the detached commercial buildings along the street and riverside are connected by the corridors on the second floor formed a separable and flexible layout.
04 Innovative headquarters with rich functions
Building an innovative headquarters with rich functions is the focus of the project, so the program implants a variety of functions such as open commercial block, large exhibition space, multi-functional hall, conference center, fitness center and characteristic ecological office.
05 Exquisite headquarters office image
The tower and its podium adopt full glass curtain wall system, using modular method to deconstruct the modeling module, using rational Angle to lock the size of each block, each glass, each rod, so as to form a delicate and elegant business image.


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