Coziro Helmet
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Coziro Helmet aims to solve the problem of traditional helmets feeling hot and stuffy in summer.
Its core advantage lies in its unique sunroof design, which features scientific large ventilation area at the top. Its combination with the dual-visor structure enables the product to greatly improve both ventilation and safety compared to traditional counterparts, whereby to realize high breathability, excellent heat dissipation, efficient protection and good comfort.
Inspired by the sunroof of sports cars, this product, after extensive wind tunnel testing and field experiment, pioneers AirHuge™ sunroof to effectively channel fresh air into the helmet and thus lower the temperature around the head for a more comfortable riding experience. Coziro Helmet boasts 25 vents in 8 directions and supports two positions, creating a new ventilation system. This allows riders to choose whether to keep the sunroof open or closed according to seasons and weather conditions. During hot days, with the sunroof fully opened, the ventilation quantity of the product can reach up to three times greater than that of traditional ones. It also adopts the ultra sealing process, whereby the closed sunroof well avoids rainwater intrusion on rainy or snowy days, ensuring considerate protection all the time and enhancing the helmet’s practicality and adaptability. The lining made of Coolmax fabric boasts superior moisture-wicking quick-drying performance, which elevates the product’s breathability and heat dissipation to new levels.
In terms of appearance, Coziro Helmet adopts a design mimicking the fast back of sports cars, whose streamlined contour and smooth top lines give a sense of dynamism and lightness while significantly reducing wind resistance and noise. The inside EPS effectively disperses impact for a stabler, safer ride, offering riders superior head protection and a more comfortable experience. The helmet’s size has been calculated based on data from over 50,000 actual wearers, ensuring a perfect fit without feeling tight. The dual visors are made of PC: the short one is lightweight and enables high-performance wind/dust/rain/UV proof; the long one covers a broader area and features heat insulation, reducing temperature differences on the surface to avoid fogging. Such a dual-visor structure can adapt to various riding scenarios, and provide comprehensive protection.

Agency:Hangzhou Bee Sports Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Bee Sports Co., Ltd., founded in 2022, focuses on the field of comfortable electric vehicle helmet. It has more than 20 years of helmet manufacturing background, and has focused on the design of helmet since its establishment R&d and production, is currently the largest helmet manufacturer in China, the factory covers an area of 58000m, has the world's advanced production line, a total of more than 50,000 sets of head circumference data, more than 100 patents, business at home and abroad more than 30 countries and regions, and continue to provide professional helmet solutions for major customers in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.