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This case is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is a private house of a single male owner born in 1994. The original living room of the project was not large, and after a few weighing-ups, the traditional concept of a sofa was simply abandoned and seating was integrated into the wall.
The five functional concepts of entrance door, bedroom door, living room storage, seating space and wall background are combined in one flat surface. The mutual extension bite of the properties is calmly disassembled and reassembled to obtain a geometrically impactful and practical facade feel. In the face of the cramped living room space, the balcony area was not simply included, but boldly marked out the reading area by the window through the elevation of the ground.
The designer used a lot of matte brushed silver metal plate with mirror panel. He tries to break the framework concept of the structure through the absorption and reflection of light by materials in an existing space. This creates a folding illusion experience like Inception.
The passage from the living room to the master bedroom is reflected by the mirror reflection of the top and facade, creating the illusion of folding the wrap-around space. In this way, the sense of sensory distance is widened and the most visually impactful field in the whole house is created. The avant-garde and straightforward design approach brings the ultimate feeling of open and swanking space.
Let's look at the entire space. The contrast between black, white and gray is repeated. And then orange is reflected which is like a fire at the bottom of a dark pool and representing the ultimate vitality.
This case is like a big boy, showing a confident, bold, straightforward and vivid state, because he is young, he can express himself completely presumptuously, and because he is young, angular, sharp and sonorous.

Designer:Wang Qiangli

Qiang Design,founder Design Director