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"Design is a feeling, a state of mind, a comfortable and happy way of life.“ Everyone has a different definition of home. Design is to help residents draw and shape their inner ideal habitat, and then realize the landing. In the limited space, release belongs to own infinite spiritual realm.
The owner of the house is a successful career, the quality of life has their own unique taste and higher requirements of the people, and home-office needs. In the discussion of the scheme, it is hoped to arrange the living and working areas in an orderly way, so that there is not only a space for solitary thinking, but also a multi-person communication area, which can bear various living situations. At the same time, considering the child's growing environment, a simple white is retained in the dark tone, which should balance the overall collocation and build an imaginary space for it. From this point of view, the designer enters into the space design, creating a low-key luxury and comfortable minimalist modern humanistic space from the level of tonal construction, functional distribution, spatial layout and decorative details.

The original apartment has a long hallway at the entrance, the light is transparent and bright, in order to improve the utilization rate of space, after full communication with the owner, the designer made a corner office area here, take the side of the smaller area to make glass brick wall to replace the French window, soften the strong light, function and fashion sense both.
There is a short load-bearing wall between walkway and sitting room, planning walkway appears empty, placing artwork shows redundant, after discussing with house advocate the decision moves toward with the guidance of 4 2 dials 1000 catties, placing movable individual seat, avoid already corridor or jam or missing incomplete, can follow one's inclinations again empty individual feeling. The whole moving line is connected to the living room, and the living room and dining room are divided into two areas by the long table, both the use of office meetings, but also as an ideal place for many people to dine together. Do not deliberately define the exclusive function of long table, so that home life can be higher freedom, and be more openning.

Life balcony toward the north, the landscape balcony toward the south, kitchen and balcony daylighting is bright but not dazzling, life corresponding to the face light stronger landscape terrace, both form convection space, make indoor and ventilated breathe freely, not only is to let can refract light to every corner of the energetic and furniture, living room coral orange sofa, stainless steel dining zone island, The natural light flows through different materials, revealing the low-key and light luxury texture.
Advocate lie to belong to the secret private lounge area, with simple and comfortable way to expand, in order to look more style, we chose to use glass brick partition, near to the balcony of the bedroom, by the way, merged into a cloakroom, make overall winner lie storage space and to expand the area of the active area, in the shower area placed glass bathtub, isolate the outside world with shutter, bubble bath before sleep, Enjoy the comfort and beauty of unloading a tired body. The bedroom is decorated with green plant murals with simple details to soften the sense of seriousness brought by dark tones. New colors emphasize the tolerance of the overall color matching, so that the owner can show his multi-faceted true personality in the state of natural life, and record the daily intravenous drips with space as the carrier.

Children room is near advocate lie, make simple arrangement with pure white colour on dimensional theme, give the color plate of the life to the child along with sexual modulation, let him imagine arbitrarily, flank expresses the love that gives parents infinite and care.
Design comes from life, details achieve quality. Dark minimalism makes the whole house concise and full. The space is arranged with moving lines, and the practicality is expanded and hidden in the minimalist aesthetics. The visual perception is guided by neat lines, creating a living area that truly meets the inner needs of the owner.


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