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Hangzhou zhonggaole golf sports center
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Design description:The scheme uses the virtual scene in the metauniverse as design inspiration, and provides various concepts of the metauniverse, including the future world, the science fiction world and the fantasy world. Drawing lessons from the background and scene elements of the meta-universe, we use design elements such as colors, materials and patterns, as well as scientific and technological achievements in the meta-universe as design elements, such as virtual reality and intelligent devices. In the facade design of this case, a curved curve is added to the tough folding line, which is feminine in strength. These lines will lead customers into various spaces from the mysterious entrance. The faç ade, the facade bearing the futuristic feeling of the project, is made into the shape of space by the designer. The water chestnut has distinct design elements and streamlined light source lines, which makes people full of endless reverie. Customers seem to wander at night, walk in the future and walk in another dimension. Find the true self in reality and illusion.
The whole space is made of blue-gray color system, and the blue theme of science and technology creates a strong future atmosphere. The color of entertainment space design is very important, which conveys the mood of space, the lighting adds modeling, the futurity is remarkable, the linear lighting of science and technology, the mirror wall of metal texture, different theme styles of different boxes, the rhythm of carefully designed lighting, unpredictable, creating the effect of dreamy time and space travel, the color collocation is fashionable and harmonious, and the design elements of the space universe are integrated.
The whole space of box A "cosmo" combines the concepts of "universe" and "KTV", giving people a sense of fashion and high technology.
Box B "Galaxy Kara" combines the words "galaxy" and "karaoke", which is romantic and full of adventure spirit.
Box C "Nebula Melody" draws lessons from the beauty of the nebula, while emphasizing the theme of music and expressing the charm of music.
Box D "Cosmic Symphony" combines "Universe" and "Symphony", emphasizing the theme of music and integrating high-tech and romantic elements.
Box E "Aurora Tone" imitates the color and atmosphere of the aurora, creating a strange feeling, unique and fashionable.

Designer:Louise Liu