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Location: Sichuan, China
Design Company: Huaxi Design and EID Arch
Chief Designer: Xingbo Wang, Xiancai Bai, Yuqing Qiu, Fake Shi, Ping Jiang
Assistant Designer: Huaxi Design Team
Area: 93355.4㎡
Design Cycle: January 2020 - July 2020
Completion time: -
Main Materials: rock plate, stone, metal, art coatings, art glass
Client Name: Chengdu Times Yuntai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Photographer: EID Arch
Impression of Chengdu
People often say that Chengdu is a city that you don’t want to leave when you come. People are used to making teahouses in this city, listening to Sanda storytelling (a form of storytelling in improvisation), chatting about family affairs, eating hot pot, and living a comfortable and leisurely life. Just as the folk song "Chengdu" sings "Walk with me on the streets of Chengdu...", the whole of Chengdu exudes the temperament of market life.
Chengdu is also an inclusive city, with a soothing pace of life and a friendly and harmonious neighborhood atmosphere. The life scene of " make rounds of streets and alleyways" has long been deeply imprinted in the memory of Chengdu people. How to break the large-scale and isolated development model of traditional urban complexes and reintroduce the lane space into the shopping experience is the core element of the design consideration.
TIMES REALM is located on Jinniu Avenue, the main axis of the gateway from Tianfu Square to the state guests. The project mainly focuses on three aspects of "advanced art residential area": advanced customization for the city, advanced customization for the west of the city, and advanced customization for architectural benchmarks, showing that TIMES REALM has a deep insight into the urban temperament. Starting from the future high-end lifestyle, the customized standard of urban interface and living interface is updated with a landmark-level art complex.
As an innovative urban compound block, the architectural form of the project is inspired by the traditional sloping top dwellings in Chengdu and the hilly landforms of the Chengdu Plain. It adopts the spatial layout of traditional street and alley texture, and combines the scarce urban plot with the urban scarce landscape. An urban open space that integrates publicity, exhibition and commerce. The combination of high and low areas creates a rich and vibrant urban interface and deeply creates an ecological park in the city. "Mountain-like" ecological office buildings and "shallow hill-like" open-plan commercial blocks are integrated with the external green space, which is a contemporary response to Chengdu's historical memory, and an urban ideal of deep integration of people, city, environment and industry. It is the creative cohesion of the global master group and the expression of the artistic lineage of the Times China (the development enterprise). It has also created many unique spiritual symbols for this art complex.
The office complex building emphasizes the horizontal changes between the blocks through the multiple folds of the shape, which contrasts with the design of the surrounding vertical towers and is more iconic. The staggered movement of the shape forms a three-dimensional and continuous landscape space, creating a multi-dimensional sky terrace facing each landscape face, echoing with the surrounding green parks, creating a small-scale micro-environment, providing a place for internal office staff to rest and communicate, creating a more humanized office scene.
The interior space of the residence also overturns the complex stacking of traditional "luxury houses", using a minimalist and modern aesthetic style, the shape of the southern Fujian arcade (the building with the bottom of the building retreating along the street and leaving public pedestrian space) at the bottom of the overhead, symbolic Elements such as the "white box" building, the public building form, the highly artistic glazed facade, and the art installations created by master sculptures make every scene of life here a unique image benchmark in the city.
The commercial block part inspired from traditional folk residence in west Sichuan, and also responds to the undulating hilly landforms around the Chengdu Plain. Through the development mode of the low-rise dense road network, it integrates the open block layout and reproduces the traditional street in Chengdu. The texture of the alley creates a pedestrian space that can be retracted freely and of suitable scale, and realizes the transition from a modern tower to a low-rise and high-density pedestrian block. Individual commercial stores have returned from the giant complex to the streets, introducing the composite mode of shopping, shopping, walking and resting into the block, reshaping the traditional life scene, which not only prolongs the active time of the block, but also brings sustainable development to the vitality. The roof of the building block echoes the roof form of local traditional residential buildings, and at the same time echoes the surrounding hilly landforms, and further evolves into sloping roof spaces with different shapes, creating rich changes in unity and realizing the contemporary translation of traditional forms.
"Demonstration-Benchmarking Project of the State Guest Section". The location of the project is changing and subverting the Golden Bull Avenue. The significance of the project is more than just an image benchmark for the main axis of the gateway from Tianfu Square to the state guests. The further mission is to deeply explore the energy relationship between people and the field in the form of an art complex based on rich urban resources, to connect and integrate the excellent resources, and to create a greater influence. No matter in terms of project image, scene function or human-centered living experience, TIMES REALM brings endless and continuously evolving field vitality with extremely high self-standard.
"Functionality - A New Paradigm for Compound Blocks". Starting from the functional complexity and openness, TIMES REALM creates an urban block that integrates publicity, exhibition and openness. The high and low areas of the building are combined with rich layers. Functionally, it also strives to interact with the surrounding parks and businesses to form an "agglomeration effect" and create a cultural and social destination. From a development model with a single purpose of shopping to a multi-format, multi-functional composite development model. The transformation from large-scale, closed, and specific functional buildings to open-plan buildings with multi-scale combination and fragmented mass distribution provides a new template for future innovative urban complex blocks.
"Artistic - unique language of architecture". The facade design of the public building area adopts red and gray ceramic bricks, dark gray metal components, and transparent glass. The colors and textures between the materials are in conflict and harmony. The green and grey façade expression constitutes the unique formal language of the building. As the exterior surface of ceramic brick, the architect respects its own texture and color, and uses its mechanical properties to combine the dry-hanging exterior wall system with the traditional craftsmanship of local old masters for on-site proofing and construction. From the roof to the façade, a variety of different masonry methods constitute the architectural form unit, which can be combined and transformed to enrich the experience of being in it.
Whether in terms of image, scene function, and human-centered living experience, TIMES REALM presents an endless and continuously evolving field vitality with extremely high standards. The completion of the project in this area is not only a role of an image benchmark, but a further mission is to deeply explore the energy relationship between people and the field in the form of an art complex based on rich urban resources.

Designer: Xiancai Bai