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CharmRoyal French stoneware tableware
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This stoneware dinnerware set is inspired by French anaglyptic architecture and combines classic European and contemporary styles beautifully. Each piece is crafted with exquisite attention to detail and a unique sense of artistry. The set includes multiple ware types, making it convenient to use and of great ornamental value. These tableware pieces are truly works of art that will add elegance to any table setting.
The set features a modern interpretation of French anaglyptic art, using colourful glazes and delicate textural designs to create a dopamine gradient of colours. The unique colour design is both stylish and elegant, providing users with a pleasant and relaxing visual experience. It also stimulates the appetite and brings the experience of a French-style kitchen to any meal.
The product is made of stoneware, which offers several advantages not found in traditional porcelain. Due to its high strength and thermal stability, it is more innovative and stylish, meeting the needs of modern users. Additionally, stoneware has superior density and lower water absorption than regular porcelain, reducing the likelihood of discolouration or absorption of food flavours over time. Furthermore, its high toughness and strength make it more stable in everyday use, reducing the chances of breakage. This stoneware set boasts versatility as one of its key features. Its high thermal stability makes it suitable not only for modern dishwasher cleaning but also for oven and microwave use. This means that it can be used to prepare various dishes, from simple everyday meals to complex French cuisine. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for busy modern users who seek convenience in their kitchenware.
Moreover, these dinnerwares' colourful serial design and modern styling add to their quality and integrity, making them perfect for traditional table settings and modern, minimalist or other styles of kitchens and dining rooms. Its adaptability makes it suitable for any changes in the home dining environment, thus providing young consumers with a wide range of options. They can now satisfy their quest for aesthetics and quality with this versatile and durable set of porcelain dishes.

Agency: Mi Cai Kitchen Utensils (Ningbo) Co., Ltd

Mi Cai Kitchen Utensils (Ningbo) Co., Ltd is positioned as a French mid-to-high-end tableware brand, committed to creating a French romantic kitchen, its French brand CharmRoyal, registered in France in 2021, mainly engaged in stoneware tableware, enamel cookware, enamel kitchen and other supplies, France enjoys the reputation of the romantic art capital, and the French aristocracy represents the top taste of art. CharmRoyal combines the romantic atmosphere of the French aristocracy with the current trend and fashion with the spirit of meticulously crafted craftsmen to meet the ritual sense of women's life needs, and the products have a better user experience, better appearance creation, and stronger quality.