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In this case, the space is given the greatest freedom of scale by avoiding complicated designs and colors. Its original design and low saturation texture gives the entire space a warm, harmonious appearance reminiscent of a cup of hot cocoa. Medieval trend home decoration plans, a retro-style space bring a feeling of a warm and relaxing haven.
As the transition between indoor and outdoor scenes, the dust-falling area became a sunken entrance hall. To keep the living room dust-free and reduce housework workload, it is vital to prevent dust from falling in.
A walnut wood guest restaurant is paired with soft furnishings of the same color, making the space simple, pure, chic, and elegant.
By breaking down and reorganizing the space, the study room increases its sense of depth. Bookcases are practical storage spaces and high-quality decorative accessories on this wall of bookcases. Relax on the sofa on a sunny afternoon, reading a favorite book while the breeze of tea and music drifts through the house, and a cat basks in the sunlight beside the desk. This image is quite romantic and elegant.
There are not only storage cabinets on one wall of the housekeeping room, but also an ironing table beside the window, so the whole job can be done in one stop. One wall decoration is made rich with layers by the staggered blank walls and cat springboards. While maintaining a minimalist design, the bedroom retains a sense of mood. There is an open compartment at the bottom of the wardrobe is the cat's bedroom. A sense of relaxation is created by the warm, comfortable, and lazy atmosphere.
There is a clean, tidy feeling in the kitchen thanks to the cream-colored cabinets. In addition to increasing the functionality of the operating desk, the arc-shaped cabinet design avoids bumps at right angles. There is poetry in everyday life as well as the necessities of life, like rice, oil, and salt.
Throughout the bathroom, there is a large area of green color, and the primary and secondary bathrooms echo one another in order to continue to maintain a fresh look.

Designer:Lv Yinsu

Founder of WEIYU Space design studio Member of China-Europe International Design Association as an International New Designer Graduated from the Environmental Art Design Department of Changchun Guanghua University in 2017. Now living in Beijing, she has been in the industry for 6 years. She specializes in interior design and home decoration and she skilled in small apartment renovation, villas, lofts, and residential feng shui research. 2017.03-2018.07, she worked at Yuntang International Design Agency as a designer assistant, responsible for assisting designers in deepening scheme drawings, organizing customer files, etc.; 2018.08 - 2020.04, she worked for Beijing Yezhifeng Decoration Company as a designer, responsible for connecting with customers, providing design and construction plan drawings, and controlling the quality progress of the construction site; 2020.06 - 2021.12, she worked in Beijing Beiwo Home Decoration as the design director, responsible for managing the whole design team, customers consultant, providing design and construction plan drawings, and controlling the quality progress of the construction site; 2022.1-2022.05 She worked at Beijing Jianshe Decoration Design Co., Ltd. as chief designer, responsible for directing the whole design team, making connection with high-end customers, providing full case design and construction plan drawings, and controlling the quality progress of the construction site, etc. ; 2022.05, she established her own studio, named Weiyu Space Design Studio She won Professional Awards of 2022 Japan International Pioneer Design Award She won Professional Award of 2022 IDG Golden Creativity International Space Design Award She was honored with Top Ten New Prominent Designer of the Year of 2022 IDG Golden Creative International Space Design Award-Character Award