Between ups and downs
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The beginning of all things is simple. The concept of this time also coincides with this design. We use the gray system as the keynote, and use simple and artistic techniques to create the aesthetic feeling of exquisite space, away from all the flashiness and impracticality. Starting from the essence of life, we use the minimalist design to interpret the most essential luxury aesthetics, soft gray, and create an amazing but not negligible classic charm, to achieve a comfortable and balanced!

Designer: Yang shui sheng

1218 Founder of the design firm, creative design director, member of the Design Branch of China Architectural Association, Chinese registered interior designer, and engaged in design for 16 years. His main works are western-style houses, villas, apartments and clubs. Design concept: design comes from the understanding of life, space and color are the keynote of creating art, bold innovation, and freedom is unrestricted