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Baohua Yueting
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Baohua Yueting project is located in Nanxiang, Shanghai. The villa is divided into one floor, two floors, and three underground floors.The designer takes the concise and lively modern style as the main line, and carries out an exploratory design with advanced custom home furnishing, intending to create a space that perfectly integrates art and the city.With modern fashion, it tells the urban elite's high understanding of the spiritual level and quality of life.

Designer: Wei Ren

Wei Ren's design team is committed to high-end residential space customized for the middle elites, and advocates the changeable and innovative design temperament.Wei Ren's design team has completed many private villa mansion and model room design projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and  other places, which has created the achievements of Wei Ren's design team in the field of "private residence customization" space design.