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BAERDI Clothing Sales Showroom
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Over the past 16 years since its establishment, Balti has established a brand's international status in the field of fur garment processing and production. It has a high-end customer base composed of domestic first-line fashion brands and enjoys a high professional reputation in the industry. To
The design requirement of this remodeling area is to change the original clothing design studio for B-side customers, and re-plan the negotiation, display, storage and office areas from the original old use state and the unclear layout of functions. As well as the layout of the business lines leading customers to tour and visit. Improve the overall work environment level and image display effect, show the brand development process, strengthen the overall impression and brand value, and create a more aesthetically standard space scene that is more conducive to business activities.
The designer draws inspiration from exhibition forms in art galleries, museums, etc., and reinterprets the existing space. The outline of the scene is outlined with soft curves, and the sense of freedom and roundness brings a clean and transparent visual effect.
In terms of color, light gravel color is selected as the base color of the space to complement the dark fabric texture of the clothing exhibits. The mixed use of different material surfaces harmonizes the absorption and reflection of light. The interlaced scenes and perspectives of light and shadow structure provide a flexible display method with a sense of perspective for clothing. The space thus presents a kind of artistic temperament as a whole.

Agency: Xiangjing (Tianjin) Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd. Wang Yan

ISCD ENVIRONMENTAL ART DESIGN CO., LTD. (ISCD) IS COMPOSED OF SENIOR DESIGNERS WHO HAVE been DEEPLY INVOLVED in architecture and INTERIOR design industry for many years. The design service projects involve hotel homestay, commercial real estate, catering and entertainment, office space, exhibition space, high-end private homes, etc., with a professional and rigorous attitude, solid and excellent technology, and more creative, flexible creation concept, to provide professional space design services and project landing support. After brand upgrading, we also provide customers with a series of brand upgrading services from brand image establishment to visual space extension, covering brand planning, VIS system establishment, visual image improvement, multi-media graphic visual design, traditional graphic design maintenance, etc.
According to the characteristics of the project, the ISCD image-environment construction respects and explores its unique temperament, pays attention to the spirit and flow of space, and explores the best balance between human factors and spatial characteristics. The team has excellent comprehensive design ability and perfect project operation system, perfect combination of design goals and creative ideas, to create a warm, sentimental scene.