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Hangzhou, exquisite and beautiful. In the design of Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Oaks Center, Wanjing Centennial strives to capture the elements of traditional creations and local culture and art, convey the humanistic beauty of the space, and make the hotel space in high-end elegance, while exuding natural simplicity and freshness, presenting a different Hangzhou temperament.
In the design of Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Oaks Center, Wanjing has built a vivid connection between region and humanities, between modernity and tradition, and implemented with craftsmanship, materials, furnishings, shapes and various modern production technologies, presenting a high-end elegant space with a very humanistic spirit. Based in Hangzhou, let the gentle lake breeze of Hangzhou brew a poetic dream, and realize the humanistic artistic conception of the space through creative cultural activity inheritance, which is the purpose of this case.
Wanjing has creatively extracted the elements of Hangluo weaving, adjusted, integrated and translated the ancient silk weaving process into artistic symbols, evoking the new context of old memories; The old folk customs of Yuhang have always regarded rolling lanterns as a kind of auspicious thing, a treasure for strengthening the body, and a tool for entertainment. In the space, the design evolves the rolling lamp element into hard package decorative symbols; Yuhang still retains many vivid symbols of Chinese water transport culture, the design deconstructs the image of boats and sails, and abstracts many water elements for space.
The overall space of the lobby has a magnificent and atmospheric feeling, and the spirit of the water gives it a sensual charm, which harmonizes the charm of a different space. The design symbols formed by the Hangluo weaving process are perfectly integrated into the visually vertical extension space, showing the elegance of ancient craftsmanship with abstract expression.
The Lobby Lounge is airy and bright, with understated and warm Peruvian seating and stylish sofas that create a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The ceiling is decorated with many transparent boats that fall naturally, which look like countless light birds from a distance, while up close are vivid symbols of Yuhang cultural symbols. On one side, the decorative wall extracts the interwoven elements of hangrose threads to form abstract geometric decorative lines, and the blue border outside it rubs into the undulating feeling of water.
The all-day dining restaurant has a fully transparent glass dome and sail-like shape, like a vertical wall screen like water ripples, showing the sense of river-like flow, enhancing the texture of the space, with metal line chandeliers and cantilever floor lamps, creating this space with a dreamy sense of dreaming back to the old days of Yuhang.
In the construction of the Chinese restaurant in Caifeng Lou, the designer interprets traditional humanistic elements in a unique way. Lantern elements give space a delicate feel, large chandeliers combine flaky elements taken from the sails with light and feminine bird feathers, and linear elements of Hang Luo are visible in the grille screen. The new Chinese-style sofa seat reflects the charm of the Song era in simplicity.
The banquet hall changed from the usual, did not make a stacked ceiling and a large area of chandeliers, but made an overall flat top according to the highest elevation position, and at the same time divided and divided the ceiling according to the concept of Hangluo weaving, one is to increase the richness of the plane, and the other is to regularly combine the functional equipment (air vents, lamps, projection facilities) on the ceiling.
The master bedroom suite is designed to exude an elegant and luxurious texture. Here, the interpretation of cultural elements is more modern to meet the quality of life needs of elites. Textured stone, high-end furniture, combined with a very layered visual presentation, jointly highlight the extraordinary style of high-end brand hotels. Every tangible and touchable attention to detail implies the designer's humanistic care and rational considerations.
The rooms are based on neutral gray, and the addition of blue makes the space more youthful and vibrant. Considering functionality, flexibility and privacy, the designer greatly increased the distance between the two single beds in the twin room, ensuring the absolute independence of each bed, while placing a two-seater sofa, coffee table and ottoman in the middle of the bed. There is a socket next to the sofa, and a shelf is made on one of the armrests of the sofa, which makes this sofa not only have a rest function, but also can be used for office use.
In the construction of Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Oaks Center, starting from the idea of cultural inheritance, Wanjing attaches importance to breaking through the boundaries between hotel space and regional humanities and user psychological space, and strives to create a hotel atmosphere with cultural spirit through the ancient rhyme and new spatial style, so that the memory, natural style, and artistic aesthetics can speak together, giving people an unforgettable ultimate experience and presenting the romantic dream hidden in their hearts.

Designer:Jerry Wu

Graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada with a degree in Interior Design, he founded Interscape Interior Design in 2010. Once a partner in Hirsch Bedner Associates, he has worked in HBA Atlanta, LA, Dubai, and Shanghai.
After returning to China in 2009, he joined Wanda Group's Wanda Hotels & Resorts as General Manager of Design Department, took charge of overseeing Wanda Group's over 70 hotels' design outcome, and guaranteed the successful opening of 21 five-star hotels in the year of 2010-2011.
Globalized experience plus localized practice, Jerry Wu has nearly 30 years of rich experience in hotel design, as well as clear positioning and analyzation of both Chinese and international markets. Using sustainable development mindset and creative design method to construct spatial aesthetics, he has accomplished remarkably in hospitality, commercial, residential, office, wellness and senior living project designs.