Atour S Hotel, Lujiazui Expo Center, Shanghai
Designer / Agency
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The project is located in the urban renewal area of the Pudong World Expo, adjacent to the Huangpu River.It is located at No.333, Shibo Village Road, and is naturally located in the Huangpu River. At the initial dawn, everything is revived and heaven and earth are quiet. MDA.SH translates this rare emotional experience into the presentation of spatial light and shadow, and brings it into the indoor space.
MDA.SH is based on the Adot product philosophy of " Humanities. warm. Interesting "rethink, to experience in the local urban renewal area, return to the original intention of nature, with" origin " explore space division, origin (sequence hall), bamboo house (lobby bar), plan (cafeteria), common (conference room), sweat room, sweat out (gym), dust (laundry) and dormitory (guest room); each space in a different way, advocate people more warm connection.

Concise decorates the beauty

When entering the origin (preface hall), let people return to the spiritual origin of the static and gentle.MDA.SH expresses the natural tranquility will be through micro cement, mirror metal, black and white root stone as the base, through the uncarved stone, natural texture of wood, decorative moss and metal fusion as the lining scene, combined with holographic projection for surround landscape, foil the light and shadow around the trees, the sense of eternal tranquility arises spontaneously.

Land creation and habitat in water

Preface hall through vertical traffic, arrived at the air lobby; greeted is a huge shallow water, quietly standing in the lobby C, water color wave, wash long, forming a natural plain, natural overall atmosphere, from shape to meaning, let the natural elements and indoor space integration together, established a strong symbiotic relationship.Huge bamboo elements of art hanging on the water feature, set each other off with the water surface, expanding the pattern and bearing of the space.

Space with dark quiet tone can let a person immersed, feel the designer mood swings, on the design of the air lobby to do more to virtual with real environment, affection, deep beauty, comfortable shade is more low and elegant, easy to let a person mind calm, thinking serene, have a sense of security and relaxation.
To shape the light design is given priority to with low lighting, create overall comfortable natural lighting atmosphere, the artwork, logo, desktop key lighting, form the visual focus, follow the principle of "less is more", through artificial light and natural light on micro cement, wood, stone, stone, bamboo, water and other natural material light a collision, make indoor color tone unity, plain and natural.

Agency: MDA.SH

MDA.SH is committed to intervening in the space with design language, putting forward the aesthetic expectation of "still simple and pure", and using the most simple and simple techniques to present the natural landscape or life state in the indoor space

Designer: Chen Tao