AromaGarden-Miss Zhang‘s Villa
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Remove the old style of the Shanghai school under the brand of The Times, and glow a romantic and pleasant freehand aesthetic place under the appearance of the Shanghai school of architecture. Hide the classical in the modern, in the gentle to highlight the style, in order to express the owner's new perception of the ideal life under the city life. Full of ingenious moving lines and spatial layout, separate the aesthetic and harmonic space rhythm, fully meet the various "home" function attributes, the attitude and perception of life are also manifested everywhere. The integration of French lines and elements creates an overall beauty and poetry, with a calm and restrained elegance behind it. In the overall quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the space, the decoration of retro adds to the level of the space and advanced beauty. Soft installation is the filling of the design, but also the most intuitive manifestation of the space effect. The flexible combination of finished furniture and the stable accumulation of antique furniture complement each other in the non-melting space, jointly presenting the unique sense and artistry of "home".

Designer:Yana Hu

Born in a highly educated family and influenced by the family environment, she grew up under the artistic influence of his mentors in Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts. She is endowed with a sense of beauty and realizes that the place where art arrives is the beginning of creativity and imagination. In 2013, she founded "VANEX Luxury Mansion" and in 2020, she founded "INA Boutique Business", which has won several national and international design awards. In 2021, we entered into a partnership with the Shanghai CED Project Center of POLI design Institute of Politecnico di Milano, which advocates the interaction of Western design concepts and Oriental elegant cultural heritage, so that the combination of tradition and innovation can generate excellent ideas and complete the customer's trust.