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APFUNLL Indoor Sports Factory
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APFUNLL Sports Factory is a brand-new concept of trendy sports theme park. It integrates basic sports, sports competitions, adventure challenges, digital simulation sports, and carnival parties. It is a new social coordinate of sports + health + entertainment.
At the beginning of the design: In the space of 5,000 square meters, the designer has connected the competitive social block and the one-ticket play area, more than 20 entertainment areas and functional areas, so that the experiencers can enjoy the interstellar roaming belonging to the AP. Taking the concept of the future metaverse as the entrance, integrating the technological elements of cyberpunk to create the most fashionable gathering place for young people nowadays.

design concept

Diversification refers to one-way development, from a unified entertainment mode to decentralized entertainment; the second refers to a variety of sports entertainment modes, not a single sport.
Enabling crack is a single-regional nature, and changes break through the boundaries and transcendence, so that people who come to sports and entertainment have the feeling of challenging themselves to be happy every time.
Love and company means that APFUNLL is not only an entertainment space, but also a place full of love and company, where family, friendship and love are blended.

Regional Analysis

Entrance: At the entrance of the theme park, the AP captain and AP robot lead everyone to start the interstellar roaming with one click. The duo from the planet APFULL are looking for partners in the universe who also love sports. The huge game screen is like the window of the spaceship, giving a better immersive experience.
Front desk: The design of the front desk is also very interesting. The transparent acrylic pipes run through the entire external space, and there are many identical AP robots in it, like the conveyor belt of the space station, which distributes its own friends to the experiencers.
Leisure on the second floor: The entire social area is fully open and semi-open, providing young people with more possibilities than pure entertainment. The second floor is a semi-open leisure space, and the shape is inspired by space capsules , presents an irregular space extension with a theme frame combined with stainless steel and acrylic, which is a social place for young people to check in and take photos, eat and drink snacks.
Ice Rink: Create Immersive Light and Shadow Skating Factory with Projection and Follow Spot
Bowling: Use cool blue and purple line neon lights to render the space more electronic and technological
Capsule Warehouse: Create your own secret game arena
Urban living room: It gives us an idea of the future urban living room. The overall design continues the cold technology style of the public area, and is a multi-functional space integrating party dining, leisure and KTV.
Metaverse Castle: The central location of the main area of the entire one-vote system is a lower city space. We used the height of this space to build a Metaverse Castle, and entered it through the automatic sensing future door. In the functional design interspersed with sexuality and physical fitness, the experiencer climbed to the top of the castle and gave a high five to celebrate with the AP captain.
The surrounding of the Metaverse Castle is a combination of rock climbing, high-altitude expansion, trampoline and other projects. Different levels of difficulty and height will take you to challenge new high-level gameplay. The layered level design will make the experiencers addicted.
From the external entrance to the internal space, the designer brings the experiencer into the virtual world of layers, truly achieving the perfect integration of consumption and entertainment, interaction and experience.

Designer: Qiting Li(KittyLee)

Explorer of Aesthetic Space und the Beauty of Life —— KittyLee of Amazing Grace Design
Dialogue with space. With enthusiasm to create unique and attractive aesthetic spaces.
For her dreams, she loves life, dares to face difficulties, perseveres and strives for fifteen years; For her dreams, she enjoys to understand art and is full of pursuits and creation.
Kitty Lee is a life aesthetician in the eyes of the public, a display artist at the China Academy of Art, the founder of Amazing Grace Design and also a famous interior designer. She studied commercial space and soft decoration design at Politecnico di Milano. She owns both Chinese and foreign aesthetic qualities and design thinking and which led a famous space designer with unique artistic temperament and personal label. After years of persevering learning, innovation, exploration and practice, she has accumulated plentiful design experience and solid professional skills, formed her own unique style characteristics and design concepts. Stepping into the public eye, her brand has been unanimously recognized and praised by many cooperative customers.
In the space design industry, her name has been affixed with a professional label, known as a famous space designer and has become a synonym for the personal brand of space design. She has won many honors such as i-ding Award-Silver Award for Leisure and Entertainment Space, IAI Design Award -Life Aesthetician and so on. She has successively served as the design manager for projects such as Greentown Deep Blue Plaza, Qianyong Baishi Center, Chaolonghui, and AutoNavi, and has completed a series of outstanding works.
Dream starts from childhood, building dreams, chasing dreams, and realizing dreams on the road of design; Unique design style, starting from customer needs and ending with customer satisfaction.
Qiting Li's works are just like her names, suitable for public aesthetics. Art is not sharp, unique but not out of place, connotation but not monotonous, humane but not mediocre. Having been galloping in the field of space design for several years, she regards the creativity of space design as the ultimate pursuit in this life. With the humanized design concept, cutting-edge design thinking and unique performance techniques, combined with foreign design thinking, she has made a great contribution to the interior design industry. Active exploration and derivation. Over the years, the parties in the service projects include Greentown, Vanke, Sunac, Longfor, Landsea, Blu-ray, China Resources Ocean, Shimao, Guangyu, Xifang, Dexin, Zhongtian, Zhonghai, COFCO, Zhongliang, Zhongqiang, Zhongqiang De, Tongren, Xiangyi, Guohong, Canal Group, IDG Capital, Pancheng Capital, L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon, Versace, NIke/AJ, Cyan Duck Dog, THULE, Mogujie, APfunll, Petty Shares, etc.
In recent years, she has expanded her own space step by step, from work space, living space to commercial space, to pet space, and various aesthetic spaces. In the spare time of almost saturated work, she still insists on understanding and learning new domain knowledge, not only participating in design courses, but also understanding the latest domestic and foreign design trends and trends in other fields. She respects the precipitation of time. With the accumulation of work experience given to her by time, she can accurately interpret her ideas to customers capture the customers' ideas faster, and more easily understand the customers' demands and act on it at the first time. After that she gives feedback and professional advice or optimizes the plan more efficiently.
Adhering to the heart of willingness, in life, work and design, she upholds willingness, works in harmony with knowledge and action, impresses every customer with sincerity and practical actions and has won the industry and customers.