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The combination of building and light, light as time goes by, breathing, light through the entire building, designers with the design concept of light painting, focusing on the outline of the building, light depicts the wall extended up, the side extension, when the light penetrates the building, presents the atmosphere of the movie scene, the fusion of classical and science fiction shadow.
The Art Museum consists of four single buildings arranged in a circular shape, forming an open-air art square inside. The main exhibition halls are Hall 1 and Hall 2, both of which are 12 meters high and have three and two floors of exhibition halls respectively. In the museum, normal lights and magic lights are set respectively, and the light is embedded in the museum as a work. The way of light as the protagonist opens the present and the future of the space, feeling the transformation of the static solid building into a multidimensional dynamic visual scene.
When you enter the exhibition hall, you see the light at first sight, and then the space gradually highlights from the light, stepping into the light to feel the space. The situation jointly constructed by light and space is like being in a different space, with alternating movement and movement and creeping color blocks, so that the audience can place their senses in the unpredictable. Here, change is the only eternal theme, and every second the picture reminds you of the change.

Agency:Hesper Lighting Design (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

Focusing on the field of lighting design for fifteen years, adhering to the unique design concept of "liberating the ceiling without seeing light", exploring the re creation of lighting art, committed to achieving the ultimate landing effect of lighting, interpreting the aesthetics of living life with humanized lighting principles.