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Amy, Wangzhuang Village, Fuzhou
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Fuzhou Wangzhuang Amy Seafood Restaurant is located in the ancient city center of Fuzhou, with a history of more than 2,200 years. It has a long culture and history. Its unique geographical location has brought endless inspiration to the design of catering space. Designers create around the ingenuity of Fuzhou city culture and brand, the spirit of all rivers, the ancient architecture and modern fashion design techniques clever fusion, collision out of a dazzling works. In the design process, the designers pay attention to the operation needs, break the limitations of the traditional catering mode, and create a unique dining experience for customers. Through the clever space layout and design, the designer makes full use of the characteristics of the original building, improves the utilization rate of the space, and brings good economic benefits for the restaurant. At the same time, the designer also integrated the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, the selection of environmentally friendly materials, rational use of resources, reduce the operating cost of the restaurant. In addition, the designer also fully considered the customer's dining experience, set up a good lighting and ventilation system, improve the comfort of customers. The design of Fuzhou Wangzhuang Amy Seafood Restaurant fully reflects the designer's unique creativity and the ability to create value for customers, and has become a beautiful scenery line of Fuzhou city.


Ji Weina, the founder of Beijing Vina Design, is a design master with rich design experience and profound artistic heritage. He has been deeply engaged in the field of the catering space design for more than 20 years, and has always focused on this field, and constantly explored the aesthetic value and commercial potential of the catering space. Her design insists on focusing on operation service, focusing on practicality and customer experience, to create both beautiful and practical catering space for customers. Ms.Ji Weina's design proposition is to "do the design that customers like", and she is good at capturing the current trend and consumer demand, and integrates innovative ideas into the design of catering space. Her works have multi-dimensional and multi-level aesthetic value, which enhance the commercial value of customers and the brand and help the brand development. Ms.Ji Weina keeps improving in her design work, always takes customer needs first, and strives to achieve every design project to the extreme. This outstanding craftsman spirit has made him achieve fruitful results in the field of catering space design, and won wide praise from customers and the industry. In addition, Ms.Ji Weina also pays attention to team building and talent training, leading the Beijing Vina design team to continuously innovate in the field of catering space design, and provides high-quality design services for a batch of customers. Her leadership and artistic vision make Beijing Vina Design become a star enterprise in the field of catering space design.