A safe haven for three generations
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This house, which carries the happiness of three generations, is about 65 square meters in size. Despite its small size, the space contains all the internal organs. The overall layout is three bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, and one balcony. Since the space is small and the light is not particularly sufficient, the design uses a great deal of white space and embellishes it with warm gray modern design techniques to make them look bright and airy. A dining area is created by connecting the living room and the aisle of the three rooms, which can accommodate the family's dining needs and give the homeowner a work area. Assumed the living room and dining room space had increased by integrating the entire entrance background with the TV background, and created a design that is both a beautiful partition as well as a moving line guide for the entire space. In order to maximize storage, I added a lot of hidden wall cabinets in the room, and I made the beds in the children's and elderly rooms into tatamis, which are both practical and attractive and meet the homeowner's storage needs. The whole design satisfies the needs of the three generations and at the same time adopts a modern style that is accepted by the three generations, which is simple but not outdated.

Designer:Linjia Wang

I have been working within the industry for six years, and I like design very a lot. I insist that Design comes from existence, practicality and splendor coexist. I'm inclined to constantly challenge myself and make non-stop development!

Designer:Weilin Wang

I have been working within the industry for six years, I like to locate solutions in different areas, i am full of ardour and love for design, and I'm willing to grow together with my works!