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Pleasing oneself is a fresh agent for the new generation to maintain the passion of life, and it is also a way to maintain the life attitude of the original heart. The concept of the back garden under the Renaissance came into being, perfectly integrating the life concept of the two owners and the child's "big friend", saying goodbye to the boring and dull, to have their own magical garden adventure is also a great experience. The overall style is interesting and has fantasy colors, following the classic red and green low-saturation color scheme of the international brand GUCCI. This work has some resonance with the design concept of Gucci in conveying certain emotions. They are creating a visual feast through colors, fabrics and body proportions, and want to express a free and charming atmosphere in life, making people nostalgic at home. Savor the languor and pleasure of it all.

Designer:Sylvia Wang

Design concept: Create space aesthetics belonging to contemporary people in traditional culture and modern thinking, not the same decoration, with creativity and aesthetics to give space soul. Design source and life, designers should fully understand the needs of the owners, with high taste of aesthetics and perception of life, to help the owners achieve an ideal life.