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Stepping into this enchanting living room, it is like entering a hidden natural sanctuary A beautiful natural stone wall is like a gift from nature Skillfully blends in with the surrounding environment Each piece of stone on this wall is unique Full of years of accumulation and natural rhythm, as if telling a long story.
The warm teak wood and the use of a large number of natural materials bring the owners a simple and beautiful home, making this home tranquil and simple and natural.
The collision of hand-chiseled natural stone and logs, as well as a variety of materials, gives this home more natural texture, enriches the visual experience, and can also enhance the sense of luxury of the space.
The addition of old wood adds a historical charm and warm texture to the space, and each piece of furniture seems to be a witness of the years, with the traces of the wood grain and simple touch, which is particularly precious in the context of modern design.
The contrast between the simplicity of wood and the texture of stone, the contrast between the roughness of the stone walls and the warmth of the wood, is like a dialogue between nature and artificiality, further sublimating the layering and emotional depth of this space.

Designer:Huang Xuan Heng

Committed to high-end space design, advocating extracting inspiration and materials from natural elements, and presenting high-standard design works for customers around the world through a variety of design languages.