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This project is commissioned by Xi'an Youth Fashion Brand 77COM, a clothing buyer store located in Quantum Community, Xi'an. Xi'an Quantum Community is an old factory area wrapped in a transparent glass wall. The block retains a waste water tower left from a factory in the 1980s. Therefore, the design concept of this project starts from the local culture, creates a collision between the old and new eras, and shows the cultural thickness and avantgarde experience of young brands.
Space is an important carrier for presenting brand value, shaping the consistency of brand value from material selection to texture form.
Starting from the old and new eras, and taking designs as the window and products as the carrier, we aim to create a project with the combination of retro and fashion, meanwhile, with a forward-looking concept of symbiosis.
In the project, a combination of coffee colored natural wood veneer wallboard and silver stainless steel elements is used, and a purple carpet is used to weaken the spatial boundaries, increasing the visual hierarchy and interest of the materials. The original concrete beam exposed on the top is not decorated. The concave-convex texture on the surface of the bare beam showed the new life of the old era in the new culture under the light with a translucent film.
Display props of each set of the products in the project have undergone repeated deliberation, exploration, design, and production. Irregular props made of multiple materials and indoor irregular shaped columns presents a sense of order through fragmentation. With the concept of decomposition, we emphasize on breaking, restructuring, stacking, and re unifying and finally create a multicultural atmosphere and a sense of floating spatial layers through the interweaving of natural wood veneer blocks.
The black iron and steel windows come from Chinese architectural elements in the 1980s. They are used as partitions to divide the space and increase the level and depth of the space. The rough texture wall and natural Dandong green stone are spliced on the facade, creating a visual and tactile impact by contrasting the rough and delicate texture.

Designer:Yixi Liu

Liu Yixi is committed to the cultural display of Xi'an's local young forces in the space, creating a more influential space design for Xi'an's young pioneer brands
Liu Yixi hopes to deconstruct the hard building materials in his works, break the sequence, give the space different free will, give the space a natural and native sense, let the space deconstruction exist in the original ecology, and seek the exploration of the world and the self. We believe that spatial art is not only a direct expression of beauty, but also a record of the designer's external output and internal self.